One of the many on going discussions in America is the need to stop eating meat and how it may not Just lead to a better lifestyle, but help the environment over all. Kathy Freestone states, “… Going vegetarian gives us a new way to dramatically reduce our dangerous emissions… ” (803). As good as it may sound vegetarianism is still not fully accepted in today’s society, for when the topic Is brought up people feel the need to have a “right” or “wrong” say on the subject.

Although slowly Increasing, sectarianism is starting to make its mark on the country, but meat is still a dominant food choice for many reasons: the convenience of fast food, the various cultures that have migrated into the states, and the on going traditions that make up what it means to be American. Ever since the movie “Super Size Me”; fast food has been exposed to what it truly is, yet people continue to consume it more than ever. The convenience of the typical burger, or a bucket of chicken wings is what keeps the business going. It is one of the main reasons why it is so hard for people to stick to a trice diet such as vegetarianism.

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Having the will power to go out of one’s way to eat accordingly Is half the battle, for If the person has no will to do so, then one will eventually be drawn to the nearest food establishment. Americas fast pace of living results in the grab and go mentality, and not many establishments offer a vegetarian friendly menu unless It Is a salad that many people look at as a flavors and unsatisfying meal. America is known for its melting pot of cultures, which in turn provides a vast selection of unique and foreign foods. For example, Mexico and China have very much Influenced the food industry In the Southern California area.

With locally owned shops and the common food trucks; It has given the people a taste of different cultures. As a result, all these cultures have one thing in common, which is the consumption of meat in almost every meal. If one were to take meat off of their menus, It would be like taking away a part of their culture. It is not easy for vegetarianism to reach out to these groups of people because it Is a part of their lives and they feel pride with the food they create. As for American culture, many traditions are held annually to celebrate various occasions.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and 4th of July are the general American holidays where celebration Is heavily accompanied by vast amounts of food. Along with these holidays comes the Thanksgiving turkey, 4th of July BBC, and the Christmas honey glazed ham. It would be difficult to throw away these old fashioned traditions out the window when they have been around for so long. Although the holidays include some vegetarian friendly options, such as mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, and Rene bean casserole the holidays would not be the same without the more traditional food that involves meat.

Americans take pride in their traditions because it is what makes them American. In conclusion, America is not a nation of vegetarians as long as the fast food Industry stays convenient, diverse cultures share and Introduce their taste of home, and the ongoing traditions continue just as they have been. With these factors still stay in play people will either never consider it or be tempted by the vast amount of DOD that they could be eating. It may be the need to grab a quick lunch, or the desire to try something new.

Not everyone will take up the idea of changing not Just their diet, but also their way of life. Vegetarianism is more of an individual decision, and no matter how helpful and convincing it may be; it will not reach the extreme of America being considered a nation of vegetarians. Work Cited Freestone, Kathy. Vegetarian Is the New Pries. ” everything an argument with readings 5th edition. Deed. Andrea A. Landlord, John J. Residencies, and Keith Walters. New York: Bedford SST. Martins, 2010. 800-803. Print.