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  • The Net

    I made you many and many a song, Yet never one told all you are —It was as though a net of words Were flung to catch a star; It was as though I curved my hand And dipped sea-water eagerly,Only to find it lost the blue Dark splendor of the sea.

  • Patrick Barron and Epic of Gilgamesh

    In the Separation of Wild Animal Nature and Human Nature in Gilgamesh: Roots of a Contemporary Theme, Patrick Barron examines the literary themes of the Epic of Gilgamesh, particularly the tumultuous relationship between nature and civilization as portrayed in the character Enkidu. Barron suggests that Gilgamesh’s attitude towards animal nature sets the tone for works…

  • Pathos – The House at Sugar Beach

    Emotion: the state of experiencing numerous sensations of joy, sorrow, fear, and hate. Surprisingly, these feelings can passed on in many forms from person to person. In the novel The House at Sugar Beach, the author, Helene Cooper, expresses and infuses appeals to Pathos. The incorporation of words or phrases activates emotions that enrich the…

  • Post-Graduate

    Hope it was that tutored me,  And Love that taught me more;And now I learn at Sorrow’s knee;;The self-same lore.

  • The Paradox

    No Lover saith, I love, nor any otherCan judge a perfect Lover;Hee thinkes that else none can, nor will agreeThat any loves but hee;I cannot say I’lov’d. for who can sayHee was kill’d yesterday?Lover withh excesse of heat, more yong than old,Death kills with too much cold;Wee dye but once, and who lov’d last did…

  • Sonnet 053: What Is Your Substance, Whereof Are You Made

    What is your substance, whereof are you made,That millions of strange shadows on you tend?Since everyone hath, every one, one shade,And you, but one, can every shadow lend.Describe Adonis, and the counterfeitIs poorly imitated after you;On Helen’s cheek all art of beauty set,And you in Grecian tires are painted new.Speak of the spring, and foison…

  • And The Moon And The Stars And The World

    Long walks at night– that’s what good for the soul: peeking into windows watching tired housewives trying to fight off their beer-maddened husbands.

  • Pastoral Elegy

    Pastoral elegy, as the name suggests, combines two forms of poetry – the elegy and the pastoral verse. An elegy is poem which mourns the death of a person and also includes the poet’s reflections on certain aspects of life. Pastoral poetry deals with the life of shepherds who live in the imaginary Golden Age,…

  • The Lake

    In spring of youth it was my lotTo haunt of the wide world a spotThe which I could not love the less—So lovely was the lonelinessOf a wild lake, with black rock bound,And the tall pines that towered around. But when the Night had thrown her pallUpon the spot, as upon all,And the mystic wind…

  • Courage

    O lonely heart so timid of approach, Like the shy tropic flower that shuts its lips To the faint touch of tender finger tips: What is your word? What question would you broach? Your lustrous-warm eyes are too sadly kind To mask the meaning of your dreamy tale, Your guarded life too exquisitely frail Against…

  • Les assis

    Noirs de loupes, greles, les yeux cercles de bagues Vertes, leurs doigts boulus crispes a leurs femurs, Le sinciput plaque de hargnosites vagues Comme les floraisons lepreuses des vieux murs ; Ils ont greffe dans des amours epileptiques Leur fantasque ossature aux grands squelettes noirs De leurs chaises ; leurs pieds aux barreaux rachitiques S’entrelacent…

  • The Darkling Thrush

    I leant upon a coppice gate     When Frost was spectre-gray,And Winter’s dregs made desolate     The weakening eye of day.The tangled bine-stems scored the sky     Like strings of broken lyres,And all mankind that haunted nigh     Had sought their household fires. The land’s sharp features seemed to be     The Century’s corpse outleant,His crypt the cloudy canopy,     The…

  • Part-Time Indian – Racism and Guardians

    Throughout the book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, there are many circumstances that mention race. Not only do they just mention race, but they go into many discriminatory facts based on race. For example, when Junior, a poor Indian boy who was born with disabilities, wanted to go to the all-white school,…

  • All In The Golden Afternoon

    All in the golden afternoonFull leisurely we glide;For both our oars, with little skill,By little arms are plied,While little hands make vain pretenseOur wanderings to guide. Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour,Beneath such dreamy weather,To beg a tale of breath too weakTo stir the tiniest feather!Yet what can one poor voice availAgainst three tongues…

  • Parody of To Kill a Mockingbird

    Jem, Dill, and I walked in silence. All of our minds were clouded with thoughts from the trial. After what seemed like forever, Jem stated, “We should play a game in order to get our minds off the trial. Today was only the first day of the trial, there is still tomorrow to figure out…

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