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To Kill A Mockingbird: Character List

Scout Finch ( Jean Louise)
– narrator of the book
– A rebellious tomboy, who learns from others, or people who inspire her, valuable lessons and values
Jem Finch
-Scout’s brother and one of her best friends
-Enters young adulthood and faces difficult issues
Atticus Finch
– A lawyer, who defends Tom Robinson in a trial, against the Ewells
– Single parent, has two children
– Believes in equality and everyone’s freedom of speech; a fair man
Dill (Charles Baker Harris)
– A friend of Scout and Jem’s
– Visits them every summer
– Interested in the Radleys
Aunt Alexandra
– Atticus’ sister
– Tries to teach Scout to be feminine
– Wants Scout to look up to her
Tom Robinson
– A 25 year old black man, being accused of raping Mayella Ewell
– Has wife and children
– One of the book’s “mockingbirds”
Mayella Ewell
– A 19 year-old girl, accusing Tom Robinson of raping her
– Was scared to admit the truth about what happened, but we think she tried to “rape” him, and her daddy beat her up, making her too scared to speak.
Bob Ewell
– an alcoholic, who is mostly unemployed
– The poorest family in Maycomb
– Accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter
– Ignorent, hateful, dirty, poor, and racist
Ms. Maudie
– Neighbor of Scout
– House gets burned down
– Loves the children
– Another role model for Scout
Mr. Dolphus Raymond
– Wealthy, white man
– Has black white and mixed children
– Kind of lost in society
– Prefers to live among blacks
Judge Taylor
The judge for Tom’s trial. Taylor is a good, sensible man with a sense of humor, who manages a strict courtroom.
Heck Tate
– sheriff of Maycomb
– a decent man, but a major witness in Tom’s trial
– Housekeeper of the Finch family
– role model to Scout/ mother
Boo Radely
– an outcast to his society
– rough past
– gives children presents in knothole
– One of the book’s “mockingbirds”
– helps save children’s lives
Ms. Stephanie Crawford
– “the neighborhood gossip”
Tim Johnson
– Mad dog with rabies
– Shot and killed by Atticus
– One of the book’s “mockingbirds”
Ms. Dubose
-An elderly women who is prejudiced against the colored
-Was trying to get over her morphine addiction before she died
– Had Jem read to her before she died
Reverend Sykes
– Minister at the black church that Calpurnia takes the children to
– Admires Atticus for defending Tom
– Sits on balcony with children at the trial
-Calpurnia’s son
-garbage collector
– can read and write
Cecil Jacobs
– a boy, who is racist and against what Atticus was doing for Tom Robinson
– Him and Scout go to Halloween festival together
Walter Cunningham
– Scout’s school mate who cannot afford lunch
– Family in poverty
– Has different habits and does things differently than the Finch family
Mr. Cunningham
– A poor farmer and part of the mob that seeks to lynch Tom Robinson at the jail
Mr. Link Deas
– Tom Robinson’s employer (not racist, and does not allow people, who are prejudice, to work for him)
Nathan Radely
– Boo’s older brother
– Tried to shot the children
– Filled knothole with cement
Mr. Underwood
-Publisher of Maycomb’s newspaper
-Respects Atticus and proves his ally
-Name of Atticus’ brother
Mrs. Rachel
-Dill’s Aunt
Mr. Underwood
-Newspaper Reporter
Mr. Gilmore
-Prosectuted Tom Robinson
Caroline Fisher
-Scouts first grade teacher

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