What did Pilgrims do when they arrived in America?
thanked God

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Where did the Pilgrims arrive
Cape Cod
What was the name of the meeting between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans?
The First Encounter
What did the Pilgrims believe when they survived the First Encounter?
That they were protected by God
What did the colonists show by repaying the Nauset Indians for their food?
That fairness was a cultural characteristic of the colonists
Several of the colonists died in the first winter, so what did they call this period?
The starving time
Who wrote Of Plymouth Plantation?
William Bradford
Who saved the sick pilgrims during the Starving time?
Myles Standish and William Brewster
Who helped the colonists by interpreting for them?
Who did the Pilgrims make a treaty with?
the Massasoit
Did the Pilgrims have many crops or game after the first season?
How did they feel even though they didn’t have much game or many crops
thankful for surviving