What is the author of the book Kindred?
Octavia Butler

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What two things makes Octavia Butler unique?
She is a black woman science fiction writer
What is the setting of Kindred?
Altadena, California 1976 and Maryland 1815
Who is the Protagonist in Kindred?
Dana Franklin
What does the word antebellum mean?
The time before the civil war
Why is Dana Franklin in the hospital at the beginning of the book?
Her arm gets amputated
According to her husband, how long was Dana gone the first time?
10-15 seconds
When she finds Rufus on her second visit, what has he does?
Set the curtains on fire
Explain the title Kindred.
Kin means relatives/family
Kindred means that Dana and her huspand are related spiritually
Why/How does Dana get called to the past, and then called home?
When Rufus life is in danger she gets called to the past and when her life is in dsanger she goes back to the present
According to her husbasnd, how long is she gone the second time?
almost three mintues
How old if Rufus During her first visit?
4 or 5 years old
According to Rufus, how many slaves does his father own?
What to people keep thinking Dana is a man?
She is wearing pants
Who is Hagar Weylin?
Dana’s great great grandmother
What is a Patrol?
A white wo goes aroung at nighyt to look for runawway slaves
What does Dana agrees to call Rufus?
Mister Rufus
Why/How does Dana know the names and much about several of the people she meets in the past?
A bible that has the family relatives
All black were assumed to be what unless they had what?
Slaves unless they had free papers
When the an is attempting to rape Dana, what thing is she unable to do to save herself?
Gouge his eyes out
Why is Alice’s father nearly whipped to death?
Because he wasn’t given permission to leave the plantation
What event causes Dana to return to the present the first time?
She thought she was going to get shot
What causes Dana to return to the presnet the second time?
The atempted rape by the patroler
What do free blacks need with them at all times?
Free Papers
Why was it against the law in some states to teach slave to read and write?
They could write fake notes and documents
Where/How do Dana and Kevin originally meet?
At work at an autoparts wearhouse
Why is Kevin leaving his job?
To be a writer
What has happened to Rufus which calls Dana back this chapter?
Rufus falls out of a tree and breaks his leg
Who is Carrie?
A mute slave girl
Why does Margaret Weylin dislike Dana?
Rufus likes Dana more, She doesn’t like educated slaves, and Dana is wearing pants
Why does Dana get whipped by Tom Weylin in The Fall?
Dana stole books from his library and was teaching Niger how To read and write
What is different about Dana’s trip to the past in the Fall?
Kevin is with her
Where do Kevin and Dana say they’re from?
New York
What is Dana and Kevin’s supposed relationship?
Slave and slave master
About how old is Rufus in The Fall?
12 years old
Why Can’t Kevin and Dana simply explain they’re married?
It’s against the law
Who is Nigel?
Rufus’s Slave friend
When Tom Weylin first sees Rufus after his fall, what is Tom’s main concern?
How much that is going to cost him
What do Dana and the other temporary workers refer to their agency as? 1976
A slave market
What is the irony of Dana calling the agency as a slave market?
In the past she finds out what a real slave market is
What is the age difference between Kevin and Dana?
12 years
How old is Dana?
Why does Dana think the cook house is a “safe place?
The whites barely go in the cookhouse
What is it that Dana worries about after watching the children play their game?
They are practicing their future without knowing it
What “game” is it that the children are playing?
Sell the slave
Why does “Marse Tom” not like Dana according to Sarah?
They way she talks; more educated and she comes from a free state
What happened to all but one of Sarah’s children?
They all were sold
What “job” does Tom Weylin offer to Kevin?
To tutor Rufus
Where is Kevin during The Fight?
Some place north. He left the plantation
Where did Kevin and Dana go to get married?
Las Vegas
How long is Dana at home (present) at the beginning of The Fight before she is called to the past?
8 days
WHat year is it now in the Past?
About how old is Rufus at the beginnning of The Fight?
18 or 19 years old
When Alice and Issac are captured and returned what is Alice’s punishment?
She getts whipped and sold into slavery
Who owns Alice?
WHat upsetting feeling does Dana experience this time when she returns to the past and get close to the Weylin house?
She feels like she is at home
Why does Tom Weylin pay a preacher to perform a “real” wedding for NIgel and Carrie?
They would be less likely to runaway and stay on the planttation and if they had kids they would be even more likely to stay
Who is Jake Edwards?
An over seer
Who was the over seer before Jake?
What is an over seer?
A person who watches over the slaves
What does Rufus ask Dana to speak with Alice about?
For Rufus to have sex with Alice
Who is Liza?
A slave girl who turned Dana in
During The Fight, how long has Dana been separated from Kevin in plantation time?
5 years`
Why did Rufus Not send Dana’s letters to Kevin?
Rufus wanted to keep Dana on the plantation
What event at the end of The Fight sends Dana back to the present?
Rufus was going to shoot Dana and Kevin
How long did Alice and Issac ran away?
4 days
What “story” do Dana and Rufus give to Tom Weylin to explain Rufus’s injuries at the beginning of The Fight?
He met some white men, end up getting drunk, and thye beat him up and robbed him
How do Tom and Rufus learn that Dana is gone?
Liza went and told Tom that Dana was leaving when she left
WHy does Dana attempt to escape?
She found out Rufus did not mail her letters to kevin
Why is Margaret Weylin no longer living at the Weylin platation?
She had twins, they died, she went crazy and her sister came and took her to Baltimore
Who is Issac Jackson?
Alice’s Husband
AT the beginning of Storm, Dana and Kevin have returned to the present. How long was Dana gone in present time?
A few hours
How long was Kevin alone in the past in present time?
8 days
How long was Keving alone in platation time?
5 years
According to Kevin, the “Only time I ever… eagar to be going to a place” was when?
He was going to go back to the Weylin Plantation for Dana
When Dana returns to the past in the storm, is she alone or with Kevin?
Where does Dana discover Rufus in the Storm?
Face down in a puddle of water
In Plantation time, how long has Dana been gone? In the Storm
6 years
Mr. Weylin notices a scab on Dana’s face. Where had is came from?
When Mr. Weylin kicked her in the face
What about Dana’s clothes does Tome Weylin find offensive?
She is wearng a mini skirt
What is the modern term for “ague”?
When Tom Weyliin tells Dana to take care of Rufus, what does he say to “motivate her”?
If Rufus dies, she dies
Dana shares the same feelings for Rufus as the other slaves. All at the same time they…
Like Rufus, Hold him in contempt, and fear him
Alice ask Rufus to free their son. He agrees but what does he not do?
Put it in writing
When Alice has her baby, what does she name it?
What is the significance of the name Hagar?
Hagar is Dana’s great great grandmother
Rufus discovers it’s not illegal to do what in Maryland?
Educate slaves
At the end of Storm, what does Rufus do for the first time?
He hits Dana
What triggers Dana’s return to the present in the Storm?
She cuts her wrists
How does Tom Weylin die?
by a heart attack
What does Rufus do to punish Dana for his father’s death?
Make her work in the field
Why does Rufus tell Dana, “You let him die” after Tom’s death?
Rufus wouldn’t understand CPR
How many children has Alice now had with Rufus?
What does Rufus threaten to do if Dana disobeys him?
He was going to send her back to the field
Who is Evan Fowler?
The new over seer
Dana is surprised that Rufus wants her to care for whom?
His mom
WHat is a coffle?
a group of slaves chained together for sale
When Tess and the others are sold, what reason does Rufus give?
Their are his property
WHat does Rufus mean when he says, “Behold the woman… you really are only one woman. Did you know that?”
If Dana and Alice were combined it would be the perfect woman
What is Rufus’s CHristmas present to Alice?
He lets Dana teach Joe to read and write
WHat is Laudanum?
A pain reliever
Who is Lou George?
A friend of Kevin’s who is a doctor
How long had Dana been gone in Present time in The Rope and Epilogue?
3 hours
How long had Dana been gone in Plantation time in The Rope and Epilogue?
8 months
According to Dana, what did Rufus do to make her cut her wrists to come back?
Rufus hit her and sold San without a real reason
How long does Dana stay in the present this time?
15 days
How old is Rufus when Dana was last there? The Rope and Epilogue
When Dana goes back, what has happened to Alice?
She hung her self in the barn
Where are Alice and Rufus’s children?
In Baltimore with Rufus’s aunt
Why has Alice hung herself?
She ran away, got caught, Rufus whips her and says her children where sold
Where did Alice think her children were?
Sold someplace south
Who is Sam?
A slave who was trying to get Dana to teach his family to read and write
What do Kevin and Dana learn about Rufus’s death when they visit Maryland in the present?
Rufus was killed in a house fire
What part does Dana think Nigel probably had in “the end” of Rufus?
Nigel got everyone out of the house and set the house on fire with Rufus’s still in it
What is a pallet?
A mat
What does Rufus ask of Dana to do regarding his children?
Stay and take care of them
Who does Dana suggest should take care of the children?
Alice and Sarah
What is Dana’s response to take care of the children?
She can’t do it because they will attached to her and she will be gone
What does Rufus’s son now call him?
What did Rufus’s son call him before Daddy?
In Plantation time, how long has Dana been away?
3 months
According to Rufus, why would he be crazy to make a will freeing the slaves, then tell Dana about it?
Dana might kill Rufus as a way to free the slaves
When Rufus tells Dana “you’re so much like her, I can hardly stand it.” Dana then realizes what?
Rufus wants her sexually
When Rufus finally Pins Dana to the pallet, Dana’s final reaction is to do what?
Stabs him
What happens to Dana’s arm when she is transported into the present the final time?
Her arm gets stuck in the wall