Setting-time and place
Summer (July) Not too long ago (1925)

Hillsboro, TN (fictional)

nickname “Buckle on the Bible Belt”- super religious town

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Major Characters: names and description
Matthew Harrison Brady: firm bible believer, glutton, fundamentalist

Henry Drummond: agnostic, shows evolution and bible can coexist

Bertram Cates: Biology teacher who taught evolution

EK Hornbeck: reporter

Rachel Brown: internal conflict, torn her between her father and her love for Cates

Rev. Brown: overzealous Reverend, condemns Bert to hell

Summary of Plot
Inherit the Wind is a play dramatizing the Hillsboro Monkey Trial, in a small American town called Hillsboro, state unnamed, in the 1950s. This trial is based on some historical facts of the Scopes Monkey Trial, which occurred in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925, and which brought William Jennings Bryant, Clarence Darrow, and H. L. Mencken—a famous politician, lawyer, and reporter, respectively—to a small town to determine whether a man ought to go to jail for teaching evolution in a science class, in violation of state law.
Literary devices
“Inherit the Wind” means someone who makes trouble for himself will be left with nothing (wind=air=nothing)

Irony: symbolism of courtroom heat (literally-hot summer, metaphorically-tensions)

Brady- overconfident

Conformity vs Nonconformity

Status quo vs progression
-conservative vs liberal
-fundamentalism vs evolutionism

Appearance vs reality
-golden dancer

Other Notes about book
Play- drama based off John Scopes Trail

Drummond believes that thoughts can coexist. please Bible and Darwin’s book of evolution together.
“When you progress, you lose something else.”

“Maybe it is you who has moved away by standing still.” Drummond to Brady

The Golden Dancer- Rockinghorse Drummond dreamed about when he was a kid, when he got it, it instantly broke because it was poorly put together. relates to the theme “appearance vs reality” and how the horse breaks down like Brady on the stand.