What happened to Adam and Eve?
They did not obey God and were punished; the punishment was called the Fall.

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What command did God give to Adam and Eve?
They were commanded to populate the land.
The family trees of Genesis. We learn about major characters and their families, mostly their sons.
Why was God upset and what did he do?
He was upset with sin, so He created a flood to destroy almost everything on earth.
Who survived the Great Flood?
Noah, his family, and the animals chosen by God in an ark he built.
Who was chosen by God to create a nation?
Abraham was chosen by God to a create a nation; later in his life, his faith was tested.
Which of Abraham’s grandsons fulfilled God’s promises to Abraham?
God used Jacob to fulfill promises made to Abraham.
Why did Joseph, Jacob’s son and their family move to Egypt?
They moved to Egypt because of the famine.