Somebody’s Song

This is what I vow;He shall have my heart to keep,Sweetly will we stir and sleep,;;;;All the years, as now.Swift the measured sands may run;Love like this is never done;He and I are welded one:;;;;This is what I vow. ;;;;This is what I pray:Keep him by me tenderly;Keep him sweet in pride of me,;;;;Ever and Read More

On The Fire Suicides Of The Buddhists

“They only burn themselves to reach Paradise”                                       – Mne. Nhu original courage is good,motivation be damned,and if you say they are trainedto feel no pain,are theyguarenteed this?is it still not possibleto die for somebody else? you sophisticateswho lay back andmake statements of explanation,I have seen the red rose burningand this means more.

Sonnet 107: Not Mine Own Fears, Nor The Prophetic Soul

Not mine own fears, nor the prophetic soulOf the wide world, dreaming on things to comeCan yet the lease of my true love control,Supposed as forfeit to a confined doom.The mortal moon hath her eclipse endured,And the sad augurs mock their own presage;Incertainties now crown themselves assured,And peace proclaims olives of endless age.Now with the Read More


The sun sought thy dim bed and brought forth light, The sciences were sucklings at thy breast; When all the world was young in pregnant night Thy slaves toiled at thy monumental best. Thou ancient treasure-land, thou modern prize, New peoples marvel at thy pyramids! The years roll on, thy sphinx of riddle eyes Watches Read More

The Self-Unseeing

Here is the ancient floor,Footworn and hollowed and thin,Here was the former doorWhere the dead feet walked in. She sat here in her chair,Smiling into the fire;He who played stood there,Bowing it higher and higher. Childlike, I danced in a dream;Blessings emblazoned that day;Everything glowed with a gleam;Yet we were looking away!

A Boat beneath a Sunny Sky

A BOAT beneath a sunny sky,Lingering onward dreamilyIn an evening of July —Children three that nestle near,Eager eye and willing ear,Pleased a simple tale to hear —Long has paled that sunny sky:Echoes fade and memories die:Autumn frosts have slain July.Still she haunts me, phantomwise,Alice moving under skiesNever seen by waking eyes.Children yet, the tale to Read More

To An Aeolian Harp

The winds have grown articulate in thee,And voiced again the wail of ancient woeThat smote upon the winds of long ago:The cries of Trojan women as they flee,The quivering moan of pale Andromache,Now lifted loud with pain and now brought low.It is the soul of sorrow that we know,As in a shell the soul of Read More


I said, “My youth is gone Like a fire beaten out by the rain,That will never sway and sing Or play with the wind again.” I said, “It is no great sorrow That quenched my youth in me,But only little sorrows Beating ceaselessly.” I thought my youth was gone, But you returned—Like a flame at Read More

Vers Demode

For one, the amaryllis and the rose;  The poppy, sweet as never lilies are;The ripen’d vine, that beckons as it blows;;;The dancing star. For one, the trodden rosemary and rue;;;The bowl, dipt ever in the purple streamAnd, for the other one, a fairer due–  Sleep, and no dream.

Woman’s Constancy

Now thou hast loved me one whole day,Tomorrow when thou leav’st, what wilt thou say?Wilt thou then antedate some new made vow?      Or say that nowWe are not just those persons, which we were?Or, that oaths made in reverential fearOf Love, and his wrath, any may forswear?Or, as true deaths, true marriages untie,So lovers’ contracts, images Read More

Charmides II

But some good Triton-god had ruth, and bareThe boy’s drowned body back to Grecian land,And mermaids combed his dank and dripping hairAnd smoothed his brow, and loosed his clenching hand;Some brought sweet spices from far Araby,And others bade the halcyon sing her softest lullaby. And when he neared his old Athenian home,A mighty billow rose Read More


From my spirit’s gray defeat,From my pulse’s flagging beat,From my hopes that turned to sandSifting through my close-clenched hand,From my own fault’s slavery,If I can sing, I still am free. For with my singing I can makeA refuge for my spirit’s sake,A house of shining words, to beMy fragile immortality.

Off Algiers

Oh give me neither love nor tears,   Nor dreams that sear the night with fire,Go lightly on your pilgrimage   Unburdened by desire. Forget me for a month, a year,   But, oh, beloved, think of meWhen unexpected beauty burns   Like sudden sunlight on the sea.

The Willow

On sweet young earth where the myrtle presses,  Long we lay, when the May was new;The willow was winding the moon in her tresses,  The bud of the rose was told with dew. And now on the brittle ground I’m lying,;;Screaming to die with the dead year’s dead;The stem of the rose is black and drying,  The willow Read More

Sweetest Love, I do not go

Sweetest love, I do not go,    For weariness of thee,Nor in hope the world can show    A fitter love for me;        But since that IMust die at last, ’tis bestTo use myself in jest;;;;Thus by feign’d deaths to die. Yesternight the sun went hence,    And yet is here today;He hath no desire nor sense,    Nor half so short a way:        Then Read More

So Now?

the words have come and gone,I sit ill.the phone rings, the cats sleep.Linda vacuums.I am waiting to live,waiting to die. I wish I could ring in some’s a lousy fixbut the tree outside doesn’t know:I watch it moving with the windin the late afternoon sun. there’s nothing to declare here,just a waiting.each faces it Read More