Kino’s people had once been known for their

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What happens to Coyotito at the beginning of the story?
He is stung by a scorpion.
Who knows everthing that happens in the town and were gathered outside the church?
The beggars
Who is Juan Tomas?
Kino’s brother who goes with him to the doctor
What does Kino believe the pearl to be?
“The pearl of the world”
Who says that the pearl had become his soul?
Who disagrees with the idea of Kino selling the pearl?
The priest
Where and when does the story take place?
Mexico – The early 1900s
Describe the doctor
greedy, refers to poor people as animals and Indians
What is Kino’s bulwark to starvation?
His canoe – they will never starve if they have the canoe to fish with
Kino and the people in his village make a living by
fishing; pearl diving
At the beginning of the story, Kino’s mood when he wakes is
happy with how things are
Kino’s most valuable possession is
a canoe that was his grandfathers
What does Kino do when he first sees the great pearl?
He lets out a big howling sound
What is the song of the family?
1) the song he hears when Kino’s wife is preparing breakfast
2) he is content
3) it means safety, warmth
What is the song of the enemy?
1) the song of evil Kino hears when he sees the scorpion biting his son
2) Juana sucks the poison out
What is the song of evil?
The song Kino hears after seeing the doctor
What is the hanging box?
the baby’s cradle
How was Kino going to pay the doctor after seeing him the first time?
with worthless seed pearls
Why does the doctor refuse to treat Coyotito?
Kino had no money
What was Kino’s house made out of?
Why does Kino use a heavy rock for diving?
to take him down in the water quickly when diving
Why did Juana gather seaweed?
to treat Coyotito’s scorpion bite
Why did the other men in the canoes raced toward Kino’s canoe?
they heard him yell because he was happy
For what did Juana pray?
for Kino to find a pearl so they could pay the doctor to heal their son
Kino and other fishing people had a secret method of doing what?
putting a coating on their canoes
How long could Kino hold his breath when he dived?
2 minutes
How big was the pearl he found?
size of a seagull’s egg
What connection does the King of Spain have with Chapter 2?
he used pearls from the pearl beds that Kino visits
What injury did Kino sustain in the night?
he was hit in the head
what medicine did the doctor first give Coyotito
medicine to make him sick
What medicine did the doctor give Coyotito second?
medicine to counteract first medicine and make him feel better
What happened in the night to Kino and Juana?
someone tried to break in to steal the pearl
Why did the doctor ask Kino if he had the pearl in a safe place?
so that Kino would look to the place he hid the pearl
Why did the doctor go to Kino’s
because he heard about the pearl and he wanted some of the money
Where did Kino first hide the pearl?
he dug a hole and hid it
Why did the priest go to Kino’s house?
because he heard about the pearl and wanted some of the money for the church
Where did Kino put the pearl when he went to bed?
under his sleeping mat
When the doctor asked for pay, what did Kino say?
he would pay him after he sold the pearl
How are the ants symbolic (assume that it has an element of foreshadowing)
Big black ants are the rich and the little dusty are poor (like Kino) … it foreshadows trouble for Kino trying to escape the powerful people
Major conflict of book
Poor vs. Rich (Kino is angry that his people are not respected – EXAMPLE: when he hits the doctor’s fence with his fist after doctor wont treat his son)
Point of View
3rd person omniscient – Narrator knows a lot of details about doctor’s past and Paris etc.
PROs and CONs of destroying the pearl
a) destroy pearl before it destroys them
b) won’t have people trying to kill them for the pearl
a) son couldn’t go to school
b) can’t pay doctor to help cure his son
c) won’t have a better life or money
How did Kino and Juana change after finding the pearl
KINO- more violent; distrustful
JUANA – more fearful; lost hope
Similes that Kino uses to describe the pearl
1) perfect as the moon
2) large as a seagull’s egg