In what year does the novel begin?

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How does the narrator describe Dantes?
“He was a tall, slender young man, no more than twenty years old, with dark eyes and hair as black as ebony. His whole manner gave evidence of that calmness and resolution peculiar to those who have been accustomed to facing danger ever since their childhood.”
How does the narrator describe Danglars?
“The purser was a man of twenty-five or twenty-six with a rather melancholy face, obsequious to his superiors and arrogant to his subordinates. He was as much disliked by the crew as Edmond Dantes was liked by them.”
How does Danglars feel about Dantes?
“Yes ,” said Danglars, casting Dantès a glance full of hatred, “he’s young and he has no doubts about anything. As soon as the captain was dead he took command without consulting anyone, and he made us lose a day and a half at the Isle of Elba instead of coming straight back to Marseilles.”
According to Danglars, why did Dantes visit the Isle of Elba?
“he just wanted to go ashore for a while, that’s all.”
According to Dantes, why did he stop at at the Isle of Elba?
“It was to carry out an order from Captain Leclère. As he was dying he gave me a package to deliver to Marshal Bertrand there.”
Who is Monsieur Morrell?
Who is Dantes’ fiancé?
What happened to Captain Leclare?
“He died of brain fever, in horrible agony.”
Why does Dantes need two weeks leave?
“He was unable to write, sir. But that reminds me that I must ask you for two weeks’ leave.”
“To get married?”
“First of all; and then to go to Paris.”
Who will be offered the role of captain of The Pharoan?
When asked if he was satisfied with Danglars during the trip, what answer does Dantes give to Morrell?
“That depends on how you mean the question, sir. if you’e asking me if I was satisfied with him as a comrade, the answer is no; I think he’s disliked me ever since the day we had a little quarrel and I was foolish enough to suggest that we stop for ten minutes at the Isle of Monte Cristo to settle it, a suggestion which I was wrong to make and which he was right to refuse. But if you’re speaking of him as a purser, I think there’s nothing to be said against him and that you’ll be quite satisfied with the way he’s done his work.”
What does Dantes’ father confess has happened to him during his absence?
“Have you been short of money, father”
“I don’t need anything, now that you’re here.”
“But-but I gave you two hundred francs when I left three months ago,” stammered Edmond
“Yes, that’s true, Edmond but you forgot a little debt you owed to our neighbor Caderousse. He reminded me of it and told me that if I didn’t pay it for you he’d go to see Monsieur Morrel about it. I was afraid that might do you harm, so I paid him.”
When Caderousse returns to Danglars, how does he exaggerate Dantes’ comments about his potential job as captain?
“He talked as though it had already happened, and it’s already made him arrogant.”
At the end of chapter 2, where are Danglars and Caderousse going? What are they going there for?
“You say Dantes is on his way to see her now?” asked Danglars
“Yes, he left just before I did.”
“Then let’s go in the same direction. We’ll stop at La Réserve and wait for the news over a bottle of wine.”
Who is the person talking to Dantes’s fiancé in chapter 3?
How does the narrator describe Mercedes?
“beautiful young girl, with jet-black hair and eyes as soft as those of a gazelle”
What had he been asking Mercedes and what is her response?
“Listen, Mercedes,” said the young man, “it’s almost Easter again-a good time for a wedding. Give me an answer!”
“I’ve already answered you a hundred times, Fernand; you must be your own enemy to keep on asking me. I’ve never encouraged your hopes. I’ve always said to you, ‘I love you like a brother, but never ask anything more of me because my heart belongs to someone else.’ Haven’t I always told you that, Fernand?”

“I love Edmond Dantes,” replied the girl coldly, “and no other man will ever be my husband.”

How does Fernand act when Dantes enters the house?
Fernand recoiled as though he had seen a snake, and sank down again into his chair.
Fernand has unconsciously put his hand to the handle of the knife in his belt.
What does Mercedes require the two men to do?
shake hands
When asked if he’s too proud, what is Dantes’ response?
“Don’t you see your friends, or are you too proud to talk to them?”
“Not at all, Caderousse,” replied Dantes. I’m not proud, but I’m happy, and I think happiness makes a man even blinder than pride.”
What called Madam Dantes, what is Mercedes’ response?
“That’s a very good excuse,” said Caderousse. “Hello there, Madame Dantes!”
“That’s not my name yet,” replied Mercedes gravely, “and they say it brings bad luck to call a girl by the name other fiancé before she’s married, so please call me Mercedes.”