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The Cost of Discipleship Essay Sample

The Historical Context

The two World Wars dominate the environment in which the writer lived. The First World War resulted in the ill-timed decease of his brother. This happened before the writer had become a adolescent. and the injury. which affected the seniors of his household deeply. must hold for good scarred his mind. The war was besides an interregnum in his personal development since the writer was born in a household of great rational and cultural traditions. and during an age of rapid economic growing for his native Germany.

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The author’s determination to follow a career in divinity took his household with such surprise that they opposed the determination instead strongly. albeit without success. The broad environment in which the writer was allowed to turn up by his parents must hold contributed to the development of a searching head and the formation of staying morality every bit good as the ability to believe critically.

It speaks volumes for the bravery of the writer that he should hold left the security of the United States to return to the hostile environment of Germany to state the influence of Hitler. This move besides forced him to interrupt away from his parent Church. which was unwilling at the clip. to face Nazi political orientation actively. Politicss in Germany was so polarized in the old ages taking to the struggle. and during the war every bit good that the theological orientation of the writer gave manner to coerce him in to the attire of a opposition combatant. Such violent dissent has ne’er been countenanced by any signifier of administration. and finally the whole universe lost the religious leading and mind of the writer prematurely.

The Theological Context

The writer was capable to a host of really contradictory theological influences throughout his life. He immersed his mind in each of these watercourses. but emerged in the terminal. with readings and with a way to redemption. which was wholly his ain.

It is important that the writer was committed to reforming the Church even before he started the formal survey of Scripture ( De Gruchy. D. 1999 ) . His parents were non devouring Church departers and Christianity was non more than a ephemeral mention of secular fact during the formative old ages of his childhood. Therefore. the beginnings of his spiritualty will ever stay a enigma. Similarly. his proclamation about the jussive mood to construe his familial religion afresh must hold been intuitive instead than reasoned: he was told that the Church was bourgeois establishment ( De Gruchy. D. 1999 ) -yet his household was a member of this really societal category. and without any Marxist influence. However. it does look in retrospect that the writer developed early constructs about the function of Christianity in life. and determined that its relevancy to day-to-day activities and to believe had to be amplified.

There is no grounds of rebellion in the writer every bit long as he was a pupil of divinity ( De Gruchy. D. 1999 ) . He studied under the classical governments of the Europe of the early 20Thursdaycentury. and seemed set to transport frontward their combined theological bequest without demur. It is likely that the crisis of Nazi Germany stirred him to strike out in to a new sphere of activist spiritualty. However. even the most conservative amongst us today. must be thankful for his independency of mind. for his Hagiographas and actions remain as of all time enduring beacons for all clip to come.

Dr. Bonhoeffer’s enterprise in taking a Christian charge against racism has inspired his followings for decennaries ( Locke. H. 2000 ) and has a authoritative value in this sense. The cause of all laden minorities is unitary in nature. and the author’s life Teachs us to stand by the truth regardless of the exigencies of a state of affairs and to oppose if necessary in this respect. our ain supporting forces of constitution.

Book Summary

The constructs of inexpensive and dearly-won grace are of import and alone contents of the book under reappraisal ( Bonhoeffer. D. 2001 ) . The writer decries such populist flights from the stenosiss of true religion such as forgiveness without penitence. baptism without Church subject. Communion without confession. easy absolution. and grace without discipleship. grace without the Cross. and grace without Jesus. The writer is implicitly critical of efforts and conventions to seek the fruits of religion without due discord. He is about clairvoyant about how faith might germinate in the decennaries after his life-time. and a reader of today may happen it accordingly hard to stay cognizant of the age is which the term ‘cheap grace’ was foremost coined.

Dr. Bonhoeffer does non indulge in mere unfavorable judgment. but offers a defined way to the joys of dearly-won grace. He makes a instance for changeless Communion with the Divine. maintaining the indispensable dogmas of the religion in changeless position. He will non let faith to be confined to any dividers of clip or intent. but instead makes it a changeless comrade with every breath of life. It is a cardinal and forceful naming of the book to maintain inquiring for the Gospel and ne’er to roll from its way. The book is centered on the Sermon of the Mount. so it is clear that the writer will non let any divergence from those vocalizations and counsel of Jesus.

Staying the class with Jesus. devoid of the slightest fluctuation. is an built-in component of dearly-won grace. Here once more. there are elements of admonition in the book. for temporalty and clergy likewise. to happen principles and via medias. between the irresistible impulses of modern-day life and the Word of Jesus. It helps. at this occasion. for a reader to cognize the facts of the author’s life. for the stenosiss which he seeks to put on us. can look utmost to the point of being impractical. This unsighted obeisance does widen to paying with your life. as per the existent illustration of Jesus himself. and so. in historical footings. the writer every bit good. Jesus is presented specifically as the Incarnation of God. and the forfeit of God. who paid for us with his boy. is a rough reminder in the transitions cheering us to seek dearly-won instead than inexpensive grace.

The Sermon of the Mount. ne’er undistinguished in any signifier of Christianity. is brought to the bow in underlined mode. throughout the book. The writer presents the Sermon as a comprehensive prescription for big life. something which he exemplified with his ain actions during his ain life-time. Each statement during the Sermon is related to modern life. with clear illustrations and accounts. The writer seems to establish his Hagiographas on treatments with both the faithful every bit good as with nonbelievers. for he seems to expect and react to uncertainties and even expostulations which a reader may see during some of the chapters.

The demonstrative mode. in which Jesus selects 12 adherents from amongst all the people at the Mount. is a affair of great significance in the book. There are illations to how Jesus remains cognizant of all our ideas and workss. every bit good as with regard to the costs of discipleship. which really entitles the book itself. The complete and sole dedication of the adherents to Jesus is imprinted in the head of a reader. We learn that want is a necessary constituent of discipleship.

Discipleship does non divide the chosen from the battalions. The particular set of 12 continues to mix and stay physically amongst the people. though they have dedicated all their meager individualisms to Christ. Discipleship is without fanfare or any component of contrived visibleness. This is non to state that the faithful must conceal their beliefs or impelled behavior from others. but that they should non be enamored in any manner or the particular functions they are appointed to play in their communities. This portion of the book requires an orientation to the existent life of the writer in order to hold on the full significance of the learning about the costs of discipleship.

The book links tightly defined discipleship with the really efficaciousness of supplication. The writer puts frontward the construct of bootless supplication. which may hit readers accustomed to the laxnesss of inexpensive grace. instead difficult. The writer besides dwells on why it is necessary to fast. to avoid roll uping material wealth. to actively seek alienation from the universe. and the values of asceticism. The writer is terrible in these respects. go forthing no room for ambiguity on the subject with which religion must be followed in even the most utmost of fortunes. The writer specifies that non even jurisprudence can come between the adherent and Jesus.

Prayer. which is a term used in common idiom even by nonbelievers. is besides a focal point of commentary by the writer. We learn that supplication is non a normal or an obvious activity. Its true nature seems to be wholly different to what an naive reader may conceive of. Jesus is the go-between through whom all supplications are delivered to God. It is non efficacious or even advised to try direct or public prayers. The writer warns that religion is more of import than words. rites. or even the continuance of supplication. The book therefore eliminates any impressions of supplication in superficial. diluted. or specious signifier. Even good workss and protestations of piousness have no value in the true nature of supplication put frontward by the writer. because it involves a child’s entreaties to a parent entirely. Prayer is a devout request. which can non be embellished in any manner to stand for anything else.

Another common misconception about supplication which the writer seeks to chase away is about seeable shows that one is at supplication. Dr. Bonhoeffer accepts that one may hold to pray in groups on juncture. but points out that true supplication is ever done in secret and when entirely. Prayer should ne’er be a signifier of self-display.

Overall. the writer casts a visible radiation on the nature of supplication. and how to make one’s prayers to God. in a mode which will come as new penetrations for the mean reader. This may frequently be in struggle with official patterns in spiritual establishments. The writer is careful non to knock litany in Church. but distinguishes it from private prayers through Jesus to God however.

Dr. Bonhoeffer presents the august Lord’s Prayer in a particular manner as good in the book. The cosmopolitan significance of the Lord’s Prayer is underscored. and its efficaciousness over all other signifiers of communicating with God through Jesus is a cardinal instruction to emerge from every reading of the book. Though the supplication has an built-in value. the writer makes painstaking attempts to detail the significance and piousness of each portion of it.

The book has great secular significance for all its determined publicity of the nucleus of Christian spiritualty. Readers are warned that discipleship does non confabulate any privileges over others. though Jesus has empowered the 12 he chose on the Mount as his apostles for all clip. Disciples are non to judge others. The complete resignation to Jesus is a holistic and comprehensive prescription: there are no conditions related to nonbelievers. However. failure and ill will should non weaken the resoluteness of adherents. for the really dedication to Jesus frees the true visionary from all beginnings of fright. The reader may reap from the book. the well of the author’s utmost fortitude. and even his cheerful credence of every hardship including the ultimate shame of ill-timed decease by hanging at the custodies of the Nazis.

Critical Appraisal

Obstacles to true religion. like the tides. rise and wane in grades of hardship. but a method to avoid being swept off is ever required. The book serves this indispensable intent for the searcher. It is merely sensible to anticipate asking Christians and theologists of all chromaticities to be the primary audience for this communicating. and their outlooks in choosing this book to read will ne’er be belied.

The book besides has a secular and cosmopolitan value. The writer missed chat with Gandhi. but a reader familiar with the values of non-violence will detect an about eerie connexion between the thought and steering rules of these two people who visited planet Earth at the same clip. though they were many 1000s of stat mis apart in a physical sense.

Relationss between Christian searchers and non-believers are besides taken to peaceable and practical declaration in the book. giving it huge values even for readers from other or no religion. Racism and subjugation of Christian minorities continue even as this paper is written. and the book is a gift for the oppressed. which will move as an elixir par excellence!

The book shows the interiors of a most unusual head. Why the writer returned to Germany. separated from his parent Church. and embraced hardship from which the norm individual would shrivel wholly. are inquiries which dissolve as one journeys through Dr. Bonhoeffer’s recorded head. The faithful will be inspired even if they do non reason that this was really a brilliant reincarnation of a mighty spirit.

The book may non travel nonbelievers and the searchers of easy grace. because it is strongly oriented to such a strict religion. The prescription is besides acrimonious by the criterions and norms of our times. Modern thought will swerve towards a new hunt for more rational and flexible attacks to Jesus. and to people who live amongst us and expose similar leanings. The dominance of scientific discipline will besides intend that easy grace will happen favour on medical evidences in some instances ( Vanoyen Witvliet. 2001 ) .

However. the book is a seminal work for all. and no reader can make the terminal unharmed. The authorship is obliging. and even a nonbeliever will be gripped by its strength and the pureness of the individual who wrote it. Everyone will mourn that this individual was non saved by the release forces which reached his concentration cantonment merely yearss tardily.


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