What was the main idea of Tell-Tale Heart?
The narrator was terrified of the vulture eye. He made his mind to take the life of the old man to rid himself of the eye.

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What was disturbing about the old man?
One of his eyes resembled an eye of a vulture- a pale blue eye, with a film over it.
What did he do?
He planned to kill the old man at midnight. He looked upon him every night, just at twelve. He threw open the lantern and leaped into the room to scare the old man.
What is the name of the main character?
He is the narrator, but his name is not known.
What is the tone of the short story by Edgar Allan Poe?
(Provide evidence)

The tone is anxious, frantic, and creepy.

“Never before that night had I felt the extent of my own powers- of my sagacity.”

What does the author’s word choice show?
(Provide examples)

The author’s word choice shows that he found interest in torture.

For example, mortal terror, stifled, vain, death, and mournful.

Do you think he is insane or a calculated killer?
(Provide evidence to support both sides)

He is a calculated killer because he takes wise precautions, and has valid reasons to support his actions.

For example, he killed the old man for his eye.
Many people dislike others because of their appearance: race and gender.

He is insane because he hears ringing noises his head.

He becomes uncontrollably wild and angry. He tears up the planks and turns himself in.

How was the old man feeling?

The old man is frightened, alert, and uneasy.

“He was still sitting up in the bed, listening- just as I have done, night after night, hearkening to the deathwatches in the wall.”

What happened after the killing occurred?
The police arrived at his door with suspicion of foul play. They searched the old man’s chamber, and was convinced that he was innocent. He began hearing this ringing in his ears, the same ringing of the old man’s heart beat.
Why might he be hearing things?
The guilt and fear may have taken over his senses.

The Tell Tale Heart Summary