Having a meal witn all tresn seat that is picked ott directly trom the sea, such as: crayfish, crabs, or even scallops is a great experience. This ocean not only provides funs, but also tells others about its history. In the 20th century, there were more than 20 ships that had been sunk along the dangerous coast. This place is not Just about water, the region’s rich limestone soli makes it becomes some of the best farmland in Australia. Kangaroo Island: Australia is the country that is being well-known of Kangaroos. Because of that, the Kangaroo Island is estimated as one of the most attractive island n Australia.

It is a large island (about 155 kilometers). Let come and face to face with symbolic Australian landscapes and affable local people. In this island, there are various outside activities that tourists can do. Spending time for a walk to explore the island is amazing. People who have come to this place prefer to call it as “a zoo without any barricade”. Adult kangaroos, little kangaroos, koala bears, penguins, even echidnas (the spiny egg-laying mammals which eat insects, they have a long snout and claws – it is called Spiny Anteater also) live in this island as their home. Although there are about 4,500 people live in this island.

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All these people do not harm animals. Local people friendly tell visitors what things they should or should not do in order to protect all those endangered animals. Not only about that, there are many captivating stories about the island that locals are willing to tell visitors. 10. Cuisine: You are interested in wine so you would not be bored or disappointed if you try the Australian cuisine. You can try each Potato Cake Burrito, Chunky Chilli Salsa, Ginger Cheesecake, Breakfast Pie, Chicken & Bacon Lasagne, Summer Seafood Salad with wine (can be red or white wine, it depends on your interest).

It will be an amazing experience for yourself. 11. Others: Tourist Visa: Come to Australia as a tourist, you can get one visa up to 3 months to visit the country. Currency: You can exchange to AUD at banks, hotels or international airport. Credit cards are usually acceptable: Visa, Master Card, Diners Club and American Express. Service charge and tipping custom: Hotels and restaurants in Australia do not list service charge in bill. However in high-class restaurant, if customers satisfy with the way that waiter or waitress serves, customers can tip aximum ten percent base on the final bill.