I don’t know why I’m writing this now, especially in the middle of the night :> What is love? There’s no such definition for love. Defining it leads to many conclusions. But for me, Love is something worth sacrificing for. I’ve experienced so many past relationships, things I’ve learned is that You can never predict what will happen and if it is you both are heading to. Relationships depend on how the both of you will handle it. You have to give your love, trust and respect to each other.

Tossing a fight is healthy in a relationship, cause that is the time you’ll get to know our partner & how well you can handle the misunderstanding. PRIDE is the worse hindrance in a relationship while is needed to surpassed the quarrel. “Nag scrap kayak as feeling young after no magma-away, illuminating no assist Sis. ” and say to each other an: “Nagoya baa Toyota? Dib hind’ Amman? 🙂 ” Go to church together, because you can prove in there that you truly love each other and God is the witness 🙂 A kiss on the forehead is the most romantic kiss because it symbolizes respect.

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A hug gives security and fill in trust cause it only means that you ill never leave each other’s sides. Before you take different paths after a date, hold each other’s hands and pray. Believe me it works 🙂 Thank God and ask for his blessings for your relationship 🙂 For the Girls: Let your boyfriends spend time with their friends. Their ego is really important to them. Don’t ask them ” Data o Oak? ” Thus, if you have the time be with them when they are playing. Inspire them and cheer for them, and you will see how happy they will be 🙂 Give them time for their personal lives, be happy for them