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Jane Eyre summary

Jane grows up in an abusive, unloving house with her aunt and cousins until she is sent to Lowood, a school and ‘charitable institution.’ There, she befriends Helen Burns, who dies of consumption, along with several other girls. After that, the school is improved and Jane is taught for six years and becomes a teacher for two years. After a teacher named Ms. Temple, whom Jane befriended, marries, Jane leaves the school to be a governess at Thornfield Hall. There, she teaches for three months and Mr. Rochester shows up.

They fall in love, he tries to make her jealous by throwing parties including Ms. Blanche Ingram. Meanwhile, Jane must go to Gateshead to see her aunt, who is dying. She finds out she has family in Madiera and Mrs. Reed’s lies. After her death, Jane returns to Thornfield, only to be told Rochester is engaged. She gives him congradulations and he confesses his love and proposes. She prepares to marry him, only to be interrupted with the news that there already is a Mrs. Rochester, hidden away in the attic. Jane flees, only to be found by a pair of sisters and their brother. They nurse her back to health and she befriends them as Jane Elliott. St. John (the brother) gives her a job as a teacher and later finds out her identity, finding out that they are cousins due to John Eyre (the relative in Madiera.) She inherited a huge inheritance, which she splits with them. St. John prepares to become a missionary, asking Jane to go with-as his wife.

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Before she can accept, she hears Rochester’s voice calling her. She goes to Thornfield to find it burnt down due to Mrs. Rochester’s craziness. She finds out that Mrs. Rochester set fire (which she had attempted the year before) to the house, killing herselfby jumping off of the roof, blinding Mr. Rochester, and causing him to lose his hand. At the end, Jane has been married ten years to Mr. Rochester, with children.

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