The novel Graffiti Moon by Catch Crowley not only tells the story of young people falling in love, but also tells the reader about growing up. The novel tells us how the teenagers find their calling and identities, and explains how each of the protagonists in the story have role models and mentors who help shape themselves and their lives. Growing up is a large part of a teenager’s life, not Just physically but mentally too. In just one night De, Leo and Lucy go from being teenagers to adults, taking responsibility for their actions, knowing what’s right and what’s wrong and coming to grips with reality.

It was a really big moment for De when he wanted to do “that course [Lucy] mentioned”, and he was “thinking about working on paper. ” This is one of the turning points in the novel, where the reader can really see that De has grown. Another moment in the novel where it is clear that De and Leo have grown up is when they decide to “not do the Job. ” This shows how instead of taking the “easy’, “childish” way out of their problem (which is the fact that they have no money) they take responsibility for what they’ve done and decide to make money the legal way and “apply for Jobs at Macs.

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Growing up not only changes one physically and mentally, but also helps one to find their true identity. After a teenager finds their true identity you see their true colors; they find their callings, they find their true selves. In Graffiti Moon Catch Crowley shows the reader how De, Lucy and Leo find their true identities and in turn find their callings. Leo hadn’t “been mowing lawns for the past ten Saturdays, [he] needed five hundred dollars for a poetry course. ” This shows the reader that Leo has found his identity and his calling; he wants to become a poet.

The fact that he was willing to rob his school to achieve his dream shows the reader that he was imminent on his dreams and what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. The reader can tell De had found his true identity after he was “freed” from the Shadow identity, it’s almost like Shadow was holding back his true identity and he wasn’t able to show his true colors while he was still Shadow. Mentors and Role models help a teenager to find their true colors and their true selves. It’s important for a teenager to have a mentor, someone who they can look up too, someone who helps shape themselves and their lives.

In the novel the reader is hon. how De, Leo and Lucy are mentored by family and friends who help shape their personalities. Bert was like a father De never had, they used to go to art galleries “on Saturday mornings sometimes [they] take [their] books and make notes about things [they] liked. [They] eat lunch in the park and then [De] would go home. [De] never got sick of spending time with Bert. ” Bert helped De develop his skills and his personality; they spent so much time together that De started acting like Bert. About growing up. Teenagers finding their true identities and family and friends helping to shape whom you are.