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What is essay plagiarism checker?

The contemporary digital plague. Something that cancels all your efforts. An act of dishonesty. Still have not got it? Get lost? It is all about plagiarism. If you are having troubles with plagiarism, keep on reading. We offer you the best possible option. We offer you the best free online plagiarism checker for students that works!
If you are reading this text, then you are interested in checking your paper for plagiarism online and, of course, for free. Why is it so necessary to do? Teachers, professors use plagiarism checkers to determine whether the student independently and honestly solved the assignment. Therefore, before you submit your work, it is better to be convinced of the uniqueness of your work, so that later there will not be misunderstandings.
Our essay plagiarism checker gives you a chance to scan for plagiarism your paper free of charge. Effective algorithms of online anti-plagiarism provide our clients with a deep and high-quality check. The procedure of using the similarity checker is simple: just a few clicks – and you will know the percentage of the uniqueness of the text. If there are duplicate texts on the network, they will undoubtedly be found.
This algorithm for checking the text on plagiarism online is fundamentally different from checking by the method of shingles. What are the new implications for working with documents?

  • Remained in the past the technique of low-quality rewriting with the change of every fifth or fourth word. In texts written this way, a high percentage of matches with the source will be detected.
  • We are also proud to announce that our algorithm detects plagiarism even after the paraphrasing of words, word combinations, and sentences.
  • Uniqueness will not increase from the change of cases, times and other grammatical categories of the word.

As a result, our free anti-plagiarism online tool is the best plagiarism checker, as well as, it is accurate and has multifunctional platform.

How to check plagiarism online?

Our platform is based on several simple steps:

    1. Click on plagiarism checker.
    2. Use submit button or copy and paste your essay into the text field.
    3. Add CAPTCHA, if required.
    4. Choose a search engine, if you wish.
    5. Click on “Check for Plagiarism” button.
    6. Enjoy the results, copy that is not original will be highlighted with the color.
    7. Clicking on the sentence will lead you to the plagiarized source.

Now you know how to check plagiarism.

What are the benefits of plagiarism detection?

Plagiarism is always a bad idea. It harms your professional, academic reputation and, as a result, future. But sometimes happens that students do not know that they are committing plagiarism. It is called unintentional plagiarism. Unintentional plagiarism often occurs when a student fails to cite or fails to cite correctly someone else words or ideas. This type of plagiarism is usually a mistake. It is often resolved merely by practicing citing correctly. However, to solve this issue, you should know that it is a plagiarized idea, so it is beneficial for you to use an online plagiarism checker, before submitting the paper.
Intentional plagiarism is when a student tries to pass off someone else words or ideas as their own. This is stealing, and it can have serious consequences. The consequences of this type of plagiarism detection are severe. Typically the student receives a grade of “F” or zero for representing someone else writing as his or her own. Some schools have a student ethics committee or honor code committee, to which students who plagiarize should also be reported. Or a student merely is expelled from the class. Do not take a risk! Everything was written once. In modern times even twice, so before submitting the paper check and double-check your work.

My paper isn’t unique – what should I do?

Troubles with uniqueness happen. But no worries, everything is possible, correctable and can be improved. Use these several tips to avoid and update your article.
To avoid plagiarizing or passing someone else intellectual property off as your own be sure to include a citation after the quote.

    • Use original ideas and opinions. Write your thoughts and explanations regarding your research topic. If you do need to use information from another source be sure it is relevant and if you do use it, make sure you cite it.
    • When you’re using data from a source, it’s a good idea to put it into your own words. However, you still need to cite the source even though you’re paraphrasing.
    • Always cite your sources.
    • Ask for help! If you are not sure whether everything is right with your summary, use our online plagiarism checking platform.

Enjoy your essay writing assignments and use our unique content checker.