The best way to sum up Club Denial is in the first paragraph when the author says, “The ten-minute Denial show runs heavily to images of thundering avalanches, storm-flattened tents, hands deformed by horrible frostbite blisters, and grotesquely twisted bodies being pulled from the depths of enormous crevasses. Like the military VT movies, the Denial show is graphic enough to make even the thickest skin crawl. As a tool for promoting sensible behavior, it would appear that it’s also just as ineffective”.

This sums up the entire chapter because it introduces us to the act that people have done unsafe things while climbing the mountain. It introduces the author to this fact and eventually presents him with examples that make up the rest of the chapter. The first key element that this paragraph addresses is Adrian. Throughout the chapter, Adrian doesn’t make the smartest choices while traveling on this mountain, which brings me back to the opening statement. Obviously, the Denial didn’t make a huge impact on Adrian because he dismissed what the Denial was trying to inform him of as he travels up the mountain.

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Another way that this paragraph addresses is on page 75 when he addressed the honeymooners. However, although much stupidity is demonstrated throughout this story, the Denial was also proven to be effective. On page 73, he says, “To prevent their tens from being ripped from their moorings and blown off that drop, climbers had taken to placing their shelters in deep bunkers surrounded by massive snow- block walls. This is something that was most likely addressed in the Denial, making the paragraph a more valid overall statement.