The first constituent of the United States correctional system that this paper has chose to discourse is the job caused by overcrowded prisons. This is an of import subject because overcrowded installations are a immense job in America and are really damaging to society. Prisoners who have been convicted of slaying, but have shown good behaviour while in prison, are being released with non even functioning half of their sentence. The parole board is let go ofing these captives because infinite is needed for other captives coming in. What if, that captive that was released early because of overcrowded prisons had killed a member of your household and might now travel kill person else? Would n’t that do you a small disquieted with our system? ( Adams, 1994, 136 )

There are many grounds why prisons in the United States are so overcrowded. To understand over crowdedness one must foremost understand how expensive it is to construct and keep these correctional installations. In 1993 the mean cost to maintain merely one inmate incarcerated for a twelvemonth was over $ 14,000. ( Barclay, 1990, 54 )

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State tribunals convicted 872,217 criminals during 1995 and tierce of the strong beliefs were for drug discourtesies. 26 % of all convicted criminals were sentenced to local gaols, normally for less than a twelvemonth, and 45 % were sentenced to province prisons. The staying 29 % were sentenced to probation with no gaol or prison clip to function. ( Kensey, 1997, 321 )

Criminals sentenced to province prison in 1994 were sentenced to an norm of about six old ages but were most likely to function merely two of those six old ages, under the current release policies. There are many grounds why prisons became so overcrowded between 1985 and 1998. These factors include a 12.3 mean one-year addition in the figure of Latino inmates, a 91 % rise in admittances, a diminution in the one-year release rates, and a crisp rise in violent wrongdoers among white inmates hence maintaining them in prisons longer. A batch of the additions were due to drug strong beliefs. From 1985 to 1992 there was a 33 % addition in the figure of inkinesss sent to province prisons for violent discourtesies compared to a 27 % addition in the figure of Whites. A similar addition in both incarcerated inkinesss and Whites occurred for belongings offenses. However, for drug offenses, 94 % more inkinesss were sent to prison from 1988 to 1992, while merely 35 % more Whites were incarcerated. ( Kenya Human Rights Commission, 1996, 34 )

Criminals were sentenced to an mean sentence of 71 months in province prisons in 1994 but really served about 38 % of that sentence. The danger in let go ofing inmates to do more room for new admittances is that some captives are violent wrongdoers and should non be let out yet. ( King, 1994, 90 )

Another manner to cover with overcrowded conditions is for the authorities to salvage money by leting private concerns to execute some authorities maps ( denationalization ) . This policy has mostly affected the corrections system, particularly as province and federal authorities face an increasing figure of captives and, as a consequence, a turning demand to construct more prisons. Peoples that are for the denationalization of prisons believe that private houses would both better the quality of services and cut down the costs. A National Institute of Corrections study in the mid 1980 ‘s found that more than 30 types of services were provided by the private sector. The services most often supplied by private endeavor are wellness services, community intervention centres, installation buildings, educational plans, drug intervention, staff preparation and guidance. ( Adams, 1994, 136 )

There is a major inquiry whether prison really helps these drug users. They can normally happen drugs in prison and if non they obtain drugs when they get out. It would be better if drug users were put into compulsory intervention plans on top of making community services. This would assist the state of affairs of prison overcrowding piece at the same clip assist those people who are involved in these intervention plans. There is a major job when drug addicted people are put into prison and can non acquire aid they help. Prisoners sentenced for drug discourtesies made up the individual largest group of federal inmates, 60 % . This is a job and inmates who are convicted of drug discourtesies should be made to take part in these plans. Most of these drug intervention plans at federal establishments have been uneffective and ailing tally. ( Barclay, 1990, 54 )

The 3rd major issue trades with the job of drug trafficking in prisons. It is a major job when inmates can easy obtain drugs in prison. Many inmates, who are invariably in and out of prison, see prison as a holiday from the unsmooth streets. This is because captives get three repasts a twenty-four hours, free room and board, and are able to buy drugs. Prisons should be drug free and inmates should non be able to acquire high. It is difficult to modulate drugs in prisons because in order to make so you would hold to seek everyone traveling in, maintain all bundles out, and lock inmates in their cells for 24 hours a twenty-four hours. With more and more inmates in prison for possessing and covering drugs there is already a market and it is difficult to maintain drugs out. There are besides excessively many corrections officers that go to work every twenty-four hours and make all the drug forcing, doing it difficult to happen the traders. ( Kensey, 1997, 321 )

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