when and where does the book start
August 1986 Omaha Nebraska

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what car does parks mother own
an Impala
how much longer can park sleep in once he starts driving
20 minutes
what character looks like they were surrounded by Doll furniture
what hairstyle do Tina and parks mothers have
Long spiral perms with tall feathered bangs
how is Eleanor’s hair described
crazy hair bright red on top of curly
how much space is left when Eleanor and park sit together for the first time
6 inches [Cam Walters]
what are Eleanor’s options to get home from school on the first day
walk home
call her mom
call her dad
call her grandma
what is her bus number
what number of honors classes do Eleanor and park share
what poets work is read on the first day
how does Mr. Stessman describe Eleanor’s voice
A voice that arrives on the chariot drawn by dragons
how old are mouse Maisie the baby and ben in the beginning of the story
Mouse is five Maisie is eight the baby is two and then is 11
what bed does Eleanor sleep in
top bunk
where do the brothers sleep in the beginning of the book
The floor
how many rooms are in the house
how is the house described
depressing in daylight dingy and bare
when Eleanor opens the black plastic garbage bag what was the first thing she recognizes
the paper dolls
how many books were in the black plastic garbage bag
a dozen or so
what book was she glad to see in the black plastic garbage bag
Garp and Watership
what did her uncle in Minnesota send her family every Christmas
The fruit of the month membership
what was in the grapefruit box
her stationary, her colored pencils, and her prisma color markers. promotional cards, and her walkman
what did the grapefruit box smell like
Chanel number five in pencil shavings
what are the various nicknames Tina has for Eleanor the beginning of the book (4)
bozo, rag head, bloody Mary, big red
what material are the gym suits made out of
what colors are on the gym suit
“The bottom is red and the top was red and white striped it all zipped up in the front”
how tall is park, Josh, and his mother
park is 5 foot four Josh is 5 foot seven and the mothers 5 foot
how does park describe his mother and father making out
“it was like watching Paul Bunyan make out with one of those it’s a small world dolls”
what do the kids (Eleanor’s family) usually get for dinner
being soup, beans and rice, huevos y frijoles
what would mouse do with Richie’s cigarettes
hide them
what hair does Kim have
“she had bobbed blonde hair and hard curled bangs”
Who is Cal compared to
barney rubble
what poem does Eleanor memorize
caged bird
what is the name of Richies Rottweiler and who is it named after
Tonya, his ex-wife
how long was Eleanor supposed to stay with the Hickmans
Eleanor was only supposed to stay with them for a few days maybe a week
what comic did she like best
in terms of what was going on in the previously mentioned comic (x men), what soap are they compared to
general hospital
after Park gave Eleanor watchmen to bring home how many times did she read it
three times
at the beginning of chapter 10 what comic does park give Eleanor
swamp thing
what do each of the kids do at night in their sleep
Ben talks in his sleep, Maisie and the baby snore and mouse wets the bed
out of all of Eleanor’s family who wakes up first in the morning
Who is described as looking exactly like a rat. Like the human being version of a rat. Like the villian in a Don Bluth movie.
what perfume does parks mother wear
what does Eleanor smell like
what number of X-Men comics does park give Eleanor at a time
how are Eleanor’s nails described
short short nails and ragged cuticles
what lyric is written in tall green letters on Eleanor’s book
how soon is now. by the Smiths
what station does not play the Smiths according to Eleanor
sweet 98
what bands are included on the tape that park first gives eleanor
his favorite the smiths songs and a few songs by Echo and the bunny man and joy division
what song does Eleanor usually sing in the bathtub
Rocky raccoon
what kind of jacket does park wear
A trenchcoat
how was the guitar described in the beginning of Park’s dead Kennedys cassette tape and what are the lyrics
The guitar is described as swampy and the lyric is “I am the son and the heir”
where did Eleanor learn to rub her teeth with salt
A western
in the gym what did some of the pads have written on them
rag head, and big red
what brand of pads cover her locker
around what time do the batteries start to die on the Walkman the first time eleanor gets a cassette tape from park
1 AM
what particular song does Eleanor like on the Walkman that park gives her
love will tear us apart by Joy division
what does park say the least boring Batman story is
The dark Knight returns
what does Park want for his birthday November
AA batteries
how does DeNice wear her gym suit
baggy like a romper
in English in the beginning of the year when park and cal are talking about homecoming, who are they supposed to be comparing (for an assignment)
Juliet to Ophelia
what did Eleanor think about the U2 album
she loved it
what did Park think of Miami Vice
he thought it was boring
what car does Steve have
how does park smell (after taekwando)
like sweat and bar soap
park describes holding Eleanor’s hands was like holding what
A butterfly or a heart beat. like holding something complete and completely alive
what did park think about real girls at first
“maybe I’m not attracted to real girls he thought at the time maybe I’m some kind of perverted cartoon sexual”
what days of the week are the worst and what days of the week are best according to Eleanor
Saturdays are the worst and Mondays are the best
what was written on Eleanor’s geography book
do I make you wet
if Eleanor saves two batteries how much time does she have left to listen to the cassettes
450 minutes
what do Eleanor and park joke about that Parks super power could be and what is his superhero name
his superpower is busting sewers with his mind and he could be the called the public works or pipe master
what are two common phrases of parks mother
you don’t do that two boys different

hey Mr. I don’t think so you go outside and yell at sky you so angry

Who does park compare Eleanors smile to
The Joker
Who is Donna
Richie’s fiancé
how much does Eleanor get paid for babysitting Matt
when Richie harasses Eleanor what does Eleanor say Richie feels like
The king of Spain
what is written on her history book in ugly blue letters
suck me off
what song does Park make Eleanor memorize his phone number to
what does park say Eleanor’s face shape is like
A box of chocolates
what does park say her cheeks are around as
where would Eleanor’s real dad drop them off after having them and what would he do on the weekends
he would drop them off at his mothers house and smoke lots marijuana
what car does Eleanor’s real father have
karmann Ghia convertible
beverage is Eleanor going to drink like water when she gets to her fathers house
Coca Cola
what is the shape of Eleanor’s father’s ashtray
A naked African woman
what are Eleanor’s mother’s favorite records
Judy cell and Judy Collins and Crosby stills and Nash
what do the records her dad’s bedroom and Richie’s coat smell like
what band Park not know about
The Beatles
what kind of bed does park have and what is his phone shaped like
A twin size water bed and his phone is shaped like a Ferrari
what sport does Park hate
what were park ans his dad hunting when Park cried
what does Eleanor think parks voice sounds like (who does it sound like)
Peter Gabriel
what chapter does Park tell Eleanor that he loves her
chapter 19 page 114
who’s jokes does Eleanor’s dad laugh at
his own
what movie did Eleanor and her sibling see with richie and what was the weather like
short circuit and it was snowing
Who told parks grandma that he was going steady with Eleanor
what does parks mom sell
Who does parks father look like
Tom Selleck
what does parks mom look like
A doll from the Wizard of Oz
The day of the huskers game what was everybody shouting on the bus
go big red
when Steve and Park were fighting who does Eleanor compare them to
David and Goliath
after the fight where does Eleanor put parks coat and backpack
inside her locker
Who could afford to take or leave teeth
what does parks coats smell like
Irish Spring and a little bit of potpourri
how long was park suspended for and how long was Steve suspended for/ why
park was suspended for two days and Steve was suspended for two weeks because it was his third fight of the year
what does parks dad snore like
a freight train
what are some of the objects in parks room
books tapes comic books model airplanes model cars board games and a rotating solar system that hung over his bed
what is written on her chemistry book in globby purple ink
pop that cherry
after pop that cherry is written on Eleanor’s chemistry textbook what did she do with it
she tore the cover off and threw it away
whenever her mom found money what would she spend it on
clothes for Eleanor new underwear for Ben cans of tuna and bags of flour or things that could be hidden in the draws and cupboards
what was Maisie’s present from her mom after she found money in the beginning of the book
Half dressed Barbies
since what grade has park been taking taekwondo
after Steve and parks fight what does DeNice bring to Eleanor to celebrate
an ice cream cone
how long have DeNice and Beebi been friends
since grade school
what does somebody tell Denise that she looks like
Punky Brewster
where does DeNice’s fiancé work
Shopko (as an assistant manager)
how old were parks parents when they met
Dad- 23
Mom- 18
what type of confection/treat did gil have on the counter
what was gils refrigerator covered with
magnets shaped like the states
what was gils egg timer shaped like
a chicken
after Eleanor heard gunshots how did she get out of the house
through the window
Who does Eleanor compare her mother to when she opens the door after hearing Eleanor called the cops
Mr Rochester’s wife, in a long, torn, white nightgown
who fired the gun shots
what js Eleanor’s mom’s excuse for richie firing the gun
there were kids playing basketball in the park being loud he was just trying to scare them but he doesn’t have a license and there are other things in the house. he could’ve been arrested
how did Eleanor know about the F word before Richie moved in
she read it in books and on bathroom walls
how does the typewriter smell
like metal and shoe polish
when Richie was complaining to Eleanor’s mother what song was she typing on the typewriter
Scarborough fair
how does park wear his backpack
on both shoulders not slung on one side and he was holding the straps
in watchmen what type of story of the characters reading
The pirate story
where did the kids on the back of the bus hang out after school
Steves garage
what did park say Eleanor looks like after he called her a gypsy hobo
like she just joined the cast of Godspell
what does Eleanor imagine kissing park would be like
it would be a real life version of some little girl making her Barbie kissing ken, just smashing their faces together
what freaks Eleanor out about parks house
The glass grapes hanging from everything and the curtains that match the sofa and the little doily napkins under the lamps
when parks dad asked Eleanor to stay for dinner on Saturday what were park Eleanor and Josh doing
playing Nintendo
when Eleanor stays at Parks house to eat dinner for the first time what did they eat
sloppy joes
after they eat dinner for the first time together what movie did they watch
back to the future on HBO
where did Eleanor and park first kiss
between a Pine tree and an RV
how does park describe Eleanor’s skin
as soft as it looked, white and smooth as freckled porcelain
Who giggles like a cartoon character
where do beebi and Denice invite Eleanor to go
Sprite Nite
who’s face is perfectly round with dimples so deep that when she smiled she look tuffed like a cushion
at Eleanor’s old-school what poet/writer did they study
what subject has Park already taken
in lowercase letters what is written on Eleanor’s algebra book
“I know your a slut you smell like cum”
in what grade did Park go out with Tina
sixth grade
on homecoming night what did Tina ask park
what he thought of her strapless blue dress
what day of school does Eleanor skip intentionally
The day before Christmas vacation she told her mother she was sick
what character is described as acting like a four-year-old lost at Kmart
how long is the walk to the grocery store
40 minutes
what box of fruit arrives on Christmas eve
around Christmas eve how old does Ben turn and where does he sleep now
12 and now he sleeps in the basement with Tonya and Richie’s weights
how many times had Richie yelled that Ben for trying to sleep on top of the stairs
what presents did Richie get for the kids
Mouse got a remote control monster truck. Ben got a big race truck. Maisie got an electric keyboard. Little Richie got a teddy bear. Eleanor got 50 bucks.
where does Eleanor’s family shop for food
food 4 less
where does Eleanor put the $50
in her mothers hand
kind of stuffing does parks grandmother like
pepperidge farm
where did parks family go to eat on Christmas eve
Pizza Hut
what did parks family usually eat on Christmas eve and what did they usually do while eating
they always had waffles and watched movies on Christmas eve
how many younger siblings does parks mother have
three little sisters and three little brothers
when park shows up at Eleanor’s window what does Eleanor mouth to him
go and then she mouthed go again and then she mouthed school
what time did Eleanor sleep until on Christmas Day
what time does Park sleep until on Christmas Day
on Christmas Day what did parks house smell like
what did Parks grandmother give Park for Christmas
A kiss me I’m Irish T-shirt that was a size bigger than last years
what did parks parents give him for Christmas
A $50 gift certificate to drastic plastic punk rock record store downtown
what is mouses real name
what did Eleanor’s family have for dinner on Christmas
Turkey with stuffing and mashed potato swimming with dill and butter
what did Eleanor’s family have for dessert on Christmas
Rice pudding and pepper cookies
When Eleanor was a child what did they eat for breakfast every morning
eggs and bacon, or pancakes and sausage, or oatmeal with cream and brown sugar
why was Richie upset on Christmas Day
there was no pumpkin pie
what did Richie throw at Eleanor’s mom on Christmas Day
A bowl of rice pudding
what did Eleanor and Ben watch on Christmas Day
The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, and a Christmas Carol
what is Eleanor’s favorite stationary
watercolor paintings of fairies and flowers
what does Eleanor give Park for Christmas
her copy of catcher in the Rye
what does parks mom give Eleanor for Christmas
what does Park give Eleanor for Christmas and what does he consider giving her instead
he gives her a silver necklace with a small pendant, silver pansy but he wished he gave her a pen. or bookmark
what card game or Eleanor and park playing after Christmas
when Eleanor’s mom’s friends came over when she was 12 what game did her and the other kids play
trouble and sorry!
how did Eleanor’s mom and Richie meet
Richie saw her mom walking out every morning on his drive to work and one day he asked for her number
when Eleanor found out about richie how old was she and what was she reading at the time
Eleanor was 12 and she was reading a life magazine
when is the safe time for Eleanor to take a bath
right after school presumably when Richie was at the broken rail
what does Denise say that Tina looks like
Farrah fawcett or Rick James
when is Eleanor’s cue to leave parks house
when parks mom asks him to set the table
besides Tom Selleck what else does parks father look like
Magnum, P.I.
When did Parks mom become a beautician
since Josh started school
what color was the towel that Park velcroed around Eleanor’s neck
What color eyeliner does parks mom suggest for eleanor
What color eyeliner does parks mom suggest for park
When park wears eyeliner who does Eleanor say he looks like
Ming the Merciless or a member of duran duran
What is parks mothers makeup routine
lip liner
What hairstyke does parks mom suggest eleanor should get
After Park’s mom puts makeup on eleanor, what does parks father say she looks like
a Solid Gold dancer
What week night do eleanor and park hate and why
Wednesday bc Park has taekwando
What show was richie watching when eleanors mother kicks maisie out of the room
Mike Hammer
What size bed does Eleanor have
a junior sized bed
Who told Maisie and Ben about Eleanors relationship
what does Eleanor give Maisie and Ben so they will be quiet about her relationship
she lets Maisie take her make up and she lets ben take her comics
Why did parks mom let him have girls in his room
“Parks mom probably let him have girls in his room because you could practically see into his room from the living room and you could walk by it to get to the bathroom”
when does Park wash his face
when he gets home
what is the first song that Park play for Eleanor when they sit in his room for the first time
Allison by Elvis Costello
when Maisie starts wearing Eleanor’s make up what does she smell like and who does she look like
maisie smelled like an Avon lady and she was made up like the ***** of Babylon
When park touched eleanors torso (region) who does she feel like
when does Park want Eleanor start checking her books for profanity
after gym class
where does Eleanor find her gym clothes after Tina takes them
in the toilet bowl
where does Eleanor hide after the girls hide her clothes and she is stuck wearing her gym suit
outside near the football field against the wall
what are Eleanor’s favorite pair of shoes
her vans
Who drove Eleanor home after the girls stole her clothes
mrs. dunne
what does parks family do on Fridays
watched movies and made popcorn in the air popper
what does parks Grandma say Park looks like once he starts wearing eyeliner
Rudolph Valentino
Who does parks dad compare himself to
Billy Jack, a warrior and a shaman
How old are park’s dads playboys
20 years old
on Saturday when Park stays home alone what does he do before eleanor comes over
he vacuums and he made a sandwich and watched a young ones on the marathon on MTV before eleanor came over
what two fictional characters do park and Eleanor compare themselves to
Han Solo and Boba Fett
how does park describe Eleanor’s freckles
he said she was candy sprinkled
what did parks dad buy at the boat show
A hunting rifle
what does Richie say Parks house must be like
****ing Disneyland
after Richie asks what she spent the $50 on her mother comes out of the room what is she wearing
One of Richie’s bathrobes. one of those Asian souvenir robes, red satin with the big gaudy tiger
what excuse does Parks mother give to not go to the grandmas house to eat dinner
tell grandma I have a headache
after Park had learned about sex in fifth grade what did his father tell him
don’t get anybody pregnant
what color was the combination lock on Eleanor’s gym locker
Hot pink
how many times to take for park to pass the drivers test
what did park give Eleanor to remember him by
One of his school photos taken in October
what song did they try to teach mouse
down down baby
at what street does Eleanor allow herself to sit up
24th St.
on their first date where does park take Eleanor
first his favorite pizza place. And then his favorite ice cream place. And third his favorite comic book shop. They walk down every street of the market area and across the street into a park
why did park want Eleanor to go to prom
so he can see her in a pretty dress and because he wanted to help his mom do her hair
what was the proms theme
I want to know what love is
if a $100 bill fell out of the sky what Eleanor do with it
“she probably just give it to her mom”
why does park hate himself
because he is Korean
where did park park his car
they parked on the far side of market
The first time Eleanor and park had made out what game was it like
mother May I
how much does the impalas door weigh according to Eleanor
as much as a horse
Who destroyed Eleanor’s copy of X-Men her liquid make up her cassette tape’s her other comic books powder eyeshadow and headphones
Who wrote all of the profanity on Eleanor’s textbooks
when Tina brings Eleanor into Steve’s basement what beverage does she give her. and what does it taste like
A beer. It tasted sharp and yellow
while in Steve’s garage what game does Steve suggest playing
when Park jumped out of his window to get to Steve’s house he landed in what position
he landed in a crouch like Spiderman
what does Steve’s garage smell like
I thousand joints had been smoked in there and put out in 1000 beers
where does Eleanor’s uncle live
st. Paul Minnesota
where does Eleanor plan on calling uncle Jeffrey after she runs away
Des Moines Iowa
what is the curtain material in the RV that Eleanor is staying in before they leave for Minnesota
how much does Park bring for gas initially before they leave for Minnesota
where does Parks mother keep her keys
“His mom always kept her keys in the same place – on the little key shaped plaque in the entry that said keys”
what time does parks father usually get home
before Park leaves for Minnesota how long does he wait
“Park waited until it was quiet. Then he waited another 20 minutes.”
how did Park get onto the interstate on the way to Minnesota
by heading west instead of east
where do park and Eleanor grab a map and gas on the way to Minnesota
in Iowa what does Park bring Eleanor for the rest of the car ride
A Coke and a sandwich
according to Eleanor what are the two things that can flutter
eyelids and butterflies
what do parks friends have in common
none of his friends parents were still together
on the ride to Minnesota where does park Pee
in a cornfield
why does Eleanor change her shirt before she goes into her aunt and uncle’s house
because she smells like Steve’s garage – like pot and beer
what shirt does park give Eleanor to wear
“He gave the shirt to her. It was green and said prefab sprout”
what religious beliefs do Eleanor’s uncle and his wife have
they are atheists
what color is uncle Jeff and aunt Susan’s house
Gray blue with the willow tree in the front yard
what car does her uncle own
A Volvo
what car did parks dad by parks mom after the impala
a taurus
and her uncle went down to Omaha what did he get for Eleanor
New clothes and new bookcase a boombox and a six pack of blank cassette tapes
when Eleanor’s aunt and uncle are talking in the kitchen what is she drinking
peppermint tea
What color is the rotary phone in the spare bedroom of Eleanor’s uncles house
where does park hide the letters he wrote for Eleanor
“He tossed the letter into a box under his bed.”
how long did the final installment of watchmen come out after Eleanor left
A few months
what type of shoes does park wear
steel toe docs
Who did park end up going to prom with
what does Kat look like according to park
“She was thin and dark and her eyes are blue and flat as breath mints.”
what was holding Kat’s hand like according to park
holding hands with a mannequin
how long was the postcard Eleanor wrote him/gave him
three words
how many holes does the girl in the record store have in her ears
she has eight holes in each ear