Statement of Intent: A speech to be presented to a class of fellow year 12 students who have all studied Louis Anorak’s play Coos. The purpose of discussing why Coos is a play worth performing is to show elements of the play and its ideas that are relevant to our own lives here In suburban Western Australia. Speech: “Love is not so important nowadays,” or is it? Written by Louis Narrow in the sass’s and set in the early sass’s, Coos is a play based on the opera Coos Fan Tutee. You may be asking yourself, why Is this play worth performing?

What Is so relevant about the RA It’s set In to us now? Well here’s a few thoughts. The play Cost, discusses the issues of love and fidelity and mental illness while being set in a mental institution. The different characters Lewis, Lucy, Nick, Roy, Henry, Doug, Cherry, Julie, Ruth and AC are all brought together by the opera Coos Fan Tutee which is based upon the Idea of the Importance of love and how true your lover can be towards you. Each character in the Coos play has had their own fair share of infidelity but none more so than Lewis and Roy.

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However Roy, Doug, Cherry and Henry represent mental patients whereas Lewis represents those who are sane. Lewis is a student who has just left university and has taken up a job to direct mental patients in the opera Coos Fan Tutee. He’s inexperienced in dealing with these patients and can find them to be a bit of a handful. As he directs them, he finds it strange that they wanted to do the play about love and fidelity when the Vietnam War was happening. He questions their choice of genre which Roy asks him “what planet are you from? “. Which I agree with since love to me is about being true to your lover.

From this, Lewis really thinks that they’re mad and wants to leave but his subconscious tells him otherwise and he decides to stick around. While he directs them, he learns about the other character’s different reasons for being In the mental institution and why the play Coos Fan Tutee is a worthwhile play to perform even in the world’s current state. This shows that Lewis is giving these people a chance to express their life story without Judging them. During the course of the play, Lewis Is confronted by his girlfriend Lucy whom doesn’t share the same views as Lewis.

She then asks him to make a decision on whether to follow her to the auditorium with his friend Nick which he declines. From this Lucy reveals that she wanted to have a relationship with Nick and Lewis only wanting to sleep with him and have sex with Nick. Which Is ironic since the play Coos Fan Tutee is all about how true your lover Is and Lewis at the beginning of the play believed love was not so important these days. From this Lewis understands the importance of love and fidelity and becomes more inclined to help his mental patients in acting out the play.

This is one of the reasons why the play is worth performing because It focuses on the Issues of the Importance of true love and how It can apply to our world today. Now we move on to the people who are deemed mad but who really are the mad ones? In our society, we are the ones keeping the mentally ill people in the dark and not letting them know about what’s happening in the world. We make negative stereotypes about them and think that their problem is a stigma, a scar, something indelible.

But think about this for a moment what if someone close to you a friend or babe someone you love had a mental illness which is possible since the chances of having the illness is one in five. How would you react? Would you react like society and think that this person is different? Of course you wouldn’t which is why we should think twice about how we see and these people. This issue is discussed in this play making it a worthwhile performance since it will teach the audience about our current issue of how we treat people and how it is still going on even before the sass’s till today.

Roy is one of the most frequent characters whom we see onstage. He is the most annoying and talkative person being melodramatic at the littlest of things. He likens himself and Lewis to “Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis” (famous American celebrities); which goes to show how engrossed he is in drama. Justine the social worker also comments on Ray’s love of theatre and being “a natural energies” which is true since he was the one who chose Coos Fan Tutee and is always being a perfectionist when failures occur. However this is Just a show to hide his real personality.

When it finally came down to it, he couldn’t perform. Perhaps some of you may be able to elate to Ray’s situation where you may have had insecurities in your life. This is like Roy which he takes on a flamboyant persona to compensate for his inability to act. But he then shared this issue with Lewis in private and afterwards regained his confidence and was ready to perform again. After the play, we learn more about Roy from another patient named Cherry who says that Roy was in orphanages and he went from foster parent to foster parent because of his talkative attitude.

Here we can understand that Roy had a tough time in the past not having a true parent to each him how to act in society. Think about it, if you had no parent to guide you all to where you are now, would you be sitting here in this classroom? Be sitting next to the person whom you are sitting next to now? Well that’s why we can’t Judge mental patients Just because they’re diagnosed with a mental illness. They all have their own story to tell and they’re regular people like us but Just with a different thought process compared to us. Try to imagine yourself being in this mental institution.

Being hidden away from the world and not knowing what’s going on outside. How would it feel? Lonely? Boring? Sad? The list goes on. Which is why this play should be performed so that the audience may learn from the experience that these people are basically like us who have feelings but are only different to us Just because we view them that way. Coos is a play that the audience would appreciate. It explores the different views and issues on mental illness, love and fidelity. By the characters Lewis and Roy we are able to see the two deterrent sides to a person who is seen as being sane and another being “mad”.

When we look deeply into these two characters, we see that their only preference lies within their social status Lewis being a university student and Roy mental patient for majority of his life. They both have had their own issues with untrue love and were able to console with each other over their loss. Lewis grew to learn the importance of love from Ray’s passion for Coos Fan Tutee and he was able to speak out his problems with Lewis. As the people of today, we should recognize this play instead of Judging it like Nick Judging mental patients as “crazy. ” Let the play show it’s worth and maybe you’ll learn it has a deeper story to tell.