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Charles Darwin Summary and Paraphrase

All that is good is accepted, and in contrast, all that is bad is rejected (Darwin 926). Every organism is examined for its natural and unnatural conditions of life (926). While the hands of time continue to turn, we do not realize these changes in nature until they are assessed through ancestry (926), When the transformation of different organisms is observed, we see only the attributes of each species and not the geographical variations (926), Darwin provides the concept that the color of an organism relates o where they reside in an environment (Darwin 927).

These characteristics of color provide protection and attraction of predators. The hue of an organism is in relation to their environment; if that were to change the species could potentially become endangered (927). In some cases the pigmentation of an animal or insect keeps an environment at ease. The color and/or smell of a creature can attract a predator _ Fifth color of that being were subject to change, that organism could potentially over populate a given area (327).

Sexual selection does not relate to the death or well-being Of an organism, but the potential to conceive offspring (Darwin 929). It relies on the ability of an organism to obtain a mate in its natural environment (929). Males impress the opposite sex with beauty and physical advantages. With few males not having the capability to compare to a superior male, those individuals Will not be able to reproduce (929). With this detriment, you begin to see changes in a species. Longstanding Natural Selection sardines life and the way an environment stays instant.

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Natural selection goes in depth on how different creatures seem to survive through time. In relation to the natural selection, sexual selection examines how different organisms reproduce and the struggle that can transpire. In this text, Danni models his theory through thorough examination of nature. Works Cited Greene, Stuart, and April Lading’s. “Supplementary Readings.

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