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Chapter Summary: Taronga

The horse panics and slips, breaking its leg, and Ben is guiltily forced to kill it before fleeing from the terrified rider. He continues on his path to Sydney, he hears a distant sound from a mysterious and fearless creature, which urges him on. Chapter 3: On his journey, Ben discovers a burnt out house. Looters have killed the occupants, but Ben finds a small cattle dog and supplies in a hidden cellar, With supplies and a bicycle he has found, Ben continues on, this time accompanied by a dog, Chapter 4: Ben begins to grow fond of the Kelpies, but refuses to give it a name.

The dog is injured as it protects him from the attackers vivo lurk along the road to Sydney. Chapter S: Ben is fascinated by the distant cry that he imagines might lead him to a sanctuary in the city, but when Ben reaches the Sydney Harbor Bridge a gang attacks. Ben manages to escape by leaving the dog behind as a distraction. He takes refuge near Tarragon Zoo but is haunted by the betrayal of his friend. Chapter 6: Ben is recaptured by the gang, which is run by a horribly scarred man named Chase.

They force Ben to break through the perimeter fence of Tarragon Zoo and act as a decoy. Chapter 7: Inside Tarragon, Ben realizes he is hunted by tigers. He uses the call to keep the tigers at a distance, until Elli arrives to call them off. Elli brings Ben back to headquarters of the gang that run Tarragon. The gang leaders, Molly and Steve, are hostile and suspicious of Ben, threatening to feed him to the big cats. Chapter 8: Elli defends Ben and pleads for him to stay and help with the tigers. Ben reluctantly agrees to cages the tigers Range and Raja.

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While Range is trusting and easy to handle, her mate Raja is defiant and difficult. Ben engages in a battle of Wills With the male tiger, only just managing to control him Chapter 9: Ben realizes that Raja, does not trust him. Elli offers to look after Raja, but Molly insists that Ben can only stay if he works with the tigers. He agrees because he wants to help Tarragon. Elli warns Ben that Tarragon is no garden of Eden. Chapter 10: Ben continues his nightly battle of wills with Raja, hoping to make amends for all the animals he has betrayed.

Molly and Steve send an armed raiding Para into the streets to kill anyone they find outside. Chapter 11: Ben and Elli are disgusted at the celebrations of the raiding party and debate the price of peace at Tarragon. Raja is confused by the gunfire and as Ben cages him they experience a brief moment of understanding. Later the raiding party return with prisoners whom they beat up to get information. Molly and Steve send the prisoners out to be eaten by the wild cats.

Ben and Elli try in vain to save them, while Elli tells Ben that Molly is capable of much verse than this. Chapter 12: Chaos gang make a raid on Tarragon. Ben manages to sauce one Of the decoys, True, from the tigers and learns more of Chaos plans. Ben is wounded by one of Moll’s gang in the raid. Chapter 13: Chaos gang take over one of the houses in Tarragon. While Molly plans to blow the house up with mortars, Ben offers to negotiate with the gang in order to protect he wild cats. He persuades Chase to leave by promising to keep the wild cats at bay.

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