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Chapter Summary of the Rugmaker Mazar -E- Sharif

Brief overview about the chapters: In Whomever Ninja is depressed because he is alone and feels isolated. He doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get instant citizenship and is put into a detention centre. He tells the story of when his house blew up and people died. Reflecting on his old elite and kinds to things he had to deal with every day in Afghanistan. He is sad because people died, 2-What types of conflict? Give quotes to support this ; Conflict of the mind-loneliness and sadness ‘I did not know could feel this much sorrow without a body to bury. Cultural conflict- doesn’t understand why there is a line he must wait for citizenship and to be accepted into the country ‘it was never my intention to jump this strange queue of which I had never heard’. ; Cultural conflict- doesn’t have a birth certificate. Doesn’t understand why eve need a piece of paper (birth certificate) to prove that we exist. What a country I come from… Babies are born Without anything in writing to prove that they exist. ‘ ; War/fighting/blowing up- house blown up, family members dead.

He is sad. 3-What caused these situations of conflict? ; The cause Of this was due to Ninja feeling alone and isolated. ; These cultural conflicts are caused due to the difference between nations 4-Was the conflict resolved? If so how? If not, why not? ; Conflict is eventually resolved at the end of the book when he is finally reunited with his family and living in Australia. ; He still can see the difference between the cultures but accepts it because he is an accepting kind of person.

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