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chapter 1-4 lord of the flies

William Golding
birthmark boy
twins- and
wears glasses (specs)
finds the conch
dad is died
lives with his aunt
lacks confidence and is insecure
dad is in the navy
he has fair hair
gains respect and the title when he blows the conch
he is 12
very confident
built like a boxer
has a mild face
leader of the choir
he is a bully
first is afraid to kill a pig
but then becomes obsess with it
he is a savage
birthmark boy
is afriad of the beasties
dies in forest fire
named Sam and Eric
what animal is on the island
the first 2 people we meet
piggy and ralph
How do they wind up on the island
There was a plane crash
atom bomb
plane was on fire
Describe the island.
The island is surrounded by palm trees and has a reef out in the sea
There are lots of coconuts
The open sea beyond the reef is dark blue
The lagoon is blue, green, and purple
The beach looks like a thin stick
There was a raised platform of pink granite which looked down into a warm, deep pool
There are no grownups on the island
island is shaped like boat.
What is Jacks reaction to not killing the pig? Then what happens to him with pigs
He didn’t kill the pig because he was scared and didn’t want to hurt it. (he was still civilized)
But after he became obsessed with killing pigs, and that’s the only thing he could thing about. (he then becomes a savage).
What is the other use of the Conch?
It’s used as like the talking object; who ever has the conch can speak.
About what is the little boy with the birthmark worried? Describe it. What is Ralph’s explanation for it? What is Jack’s response?
He is afraid of a snake thing, a beastie. The beastie is big and it wanted to eat the birthmark boy.
Ralph- says beasties aren’t in islands of this size; you only get them in big countries like India or Africa.
Jacks- response is to hunt for pigs to get meat and to look for the snake think to hunt.
What does Ralph say the group needs in order to be rescued? Who leads the group into the woods after Ralph speaks?
Ralphs idea to get rescued is to make a fire on top of the island, so the ships can see the smoke.
Jack leads the group into the woods, and Ralph is left with Piggy.
Describe Piggy’s role in this chapter. What does he do/say toward the end of the chapter?
He try’s to get every ones attention to tell them that they should build a shelter first and make a plan to get rescued. But every time he try’s to speak jack or ralph take the conch from him and makes fun of piggy. They minimize him so nobody listens to him. At the end of the chapter he complains about this.
He also, realizes that the birthmark boy is missing and died in the fire
What happens to the fire?
They used piggy’s glasses to start the fire, but they were having trouble keeping it going. The fire didn’t produce any smoke, only flame.
The fire touched a tree and then started a forest fire! With thick smoke
At the end of the chapter, what is implied about the boy with the birthmark?
The birthmark boy dies in the fire.
Describe Jack at the beginning of the chapter. What is he doing? What is the tone of the opening pages?
Jack is crawling in the forest holding a 5 foot long sharpened stick. His blue eyes make him look crazy. And he is trying to kill pigs he seems really focused and crazed. The tone makes jack seem like a savage.
Why is Ralph annoyed?
Ralph is annoyed because no one is helping him build shelter except for simon and ralph has been working for 2 days straight and the shelters were shake (not turning out well)
What happens during the meetings? What
happens 5 minutes after the meetings?
They have meetings twice a day, every day
Everyone is given an assignment during the meetings, butafter the meetings they would work for 5 minutes then would wonder off or go hunting or go swimming
What happens between Jack and Ralph this chapter? What more do we learn about their personalities?
Ralph wants jack to help him build shelters.
Jack want to kill pigs for meat.
What is wrong with the “little uns”?
The are having nightmares about the island bad and about the snakes and beasties.
They talk and scream in the middle of the night as if the beasties were real
What is Ralph’s opinion of Simon?
Ralph thinks Simon is funny and loyal, to him because he is the only one who helps and listens to him (ralph)
What does Jack say about hunting in the jungle? What do you think he means? What do you think is hunting him?
Jack says that when he hunts alone, he feels that someone else is hunting him. He means he doesn’t feel safe. I think the beasties are hunting him. (maybe its just fear/ his conscience)
Describe the opening scene of this chapter. What is described/discussed? What is Piggy’s reaction to this?
What is described is the time from morning to dusk. The kids have accepted the pleasures of morning when they played and didn’t think about being rescued. Toward noon it was very hot and they ran to the shade and slept. At midday it seemed that the sea and the coral reefs floated up into the sky.
Piggy’s reaction was that this was a mirage.
Describe a day in the life of a littlun. How do the little uns view Ralph? Why?
They ate most of the day, picking fruit where they could reach it. They got stumpic aches and diarrhea, and they had nightmares. They also play.
They ate, slept, and played, and cried a lot for there mothers.
They obeyed the calling of the conch. They built castles in the sand
What happens between Roger and Henry? Why does Roger do this? What was Henry doing? Why?
Henry was building sand castles with Percival and Johnny.
Roger kicked over the sand castles, buried the flowers they put on it and messed up they stones.
I think roger kicked the castle down because he is an angry kid.
Roger also throws rocks at henry but makes sure not to hit him.
Henry was poking scavengers with a stick
Roger didn’t hit henry he is still civilized
What happens this chapter that further escalates tension between Jack and Ralph? Describe the incident in detail. Please note which character is where and whom they are with.
The twins and jack, were with the rest of the group that was suppose to be keeping the fire going.
Piggy, Simon, Ralph, and Maurice were together when they saw the ship
Jack let the fire go out so he could hunt.
In the time the fire was out a ship came, but could see them on the island because there was no smoke. Jack finally killed a pig but they couldn’t celebrate this news because they could have gotten rescued.
what song to they sing about the pig
Kill the pig. Cut her thought. Spill her blood.
What do the hunters accomplish? What are they chanting?
The hunter finally killed a pig
They chanted, “Kill the pig. Cut her thought. Spill her blood.”
Describe the actual confrontation between Jack and Ralph. What is said? How do they feel? What is each concerned about?
Jack tells ralph they killed a pig.
Ralph says you let the fire go out.
Jack says it was a lot of fun and you should have seen the blood.
Ralph repeated himself and said you let the fire go out
Jack said the fire was only out for an hour or two
Then ralph said there was a ship
Jack walks away and holds his knife towards the pig
Ralph feels furious
Jack cant seem to deal with it
At whom does Jack lash out? Why?
First Jack lashes out at the pig because it’s the easiest to take it out on because the pig is helpless and cant fight back. Jack hacked and pulled at the pig.
Then most important he punches piggy in the stomach, then jack slaps piggy’s head his glasses falls off and hits a rock and simon goes to get them for piggy but one side it broken. He lashes out at piggy because he is an easy target and hes the one who is always picked on.
What is Ralph’s response to Jack’s apology?
He refused to respond, he resented jacks misbehavior and his verbal trick. Ralph muttered all right light the fire.
Where do they build the new fire? Who is in the way? Why?
They built the fire 3 yards away and a place that wasn’t convenient because ralph was in the way. Ralph was in the way because he wanted to maintain that he was in charge.
What does Ralph do at the end of the chapter? Why?
He calls an assembly even if the y have to do it in the dark. I think he doe this because hes watching everyone become savages around him and he wants to try and restore savility.
what are beasties
is a snake thing
they kill
only in big countries like india
where are they originally from

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