Oedipus at Colonus Summary

When does Oedipus at Colonus take place? Years after he was exiled from Thebes in Oedipus the King. What happens in the beginning? Oedipus is blind and frail and walks with the help of his daughter Antigone. They wander into holy ground on the outskirts of Athens. What god is in charge of the forbidden Read More

Othello Acts 1-3

Othello A moor-outsider, dark skin, good warrior not a good speaker/ (but not really a bad speaker either-irony). Marries Desdemona Jealous of what he thinks is true of Desdemona and Cassio Protagonist of the tragedy Desdemona Married to Othello Daughter of Brabantio Faithful/ loyal Her father thinks she is too good for Othello Iago Wife Read More

Civil Disobedience

Who wrote Civil Disobedience? Henry David Thoreau What is civil disobedience? deliberate and public refusal to obey laws that violate one’s personal principals What motto does Thoreau accept? How would he like to see it implemented? accepts the government is best when it doesn’t govern much; he would like to see the government more rapid Read More

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Deficit denoting an impairment or incapacity of neurological function: loss of speech, loss of language, loss of memory, loss of vision, loss of dexterity, loss of identity, other specific function losses Apahsia expressive use of speech in left hemisphere of the brain Agnosia disorder of recognition and perception Left hemisphere sophisticated and specialized; similar to Read More

Roe v. Wade

facts from the case Roe v. Wade -a high school dropout, McCorvey, unsuccessfully sought an abortion in TX -TX prohibited abortions unless necessary to save a woman’s life -McCorvey carried her child and gave it up for adoption -the lawyer who arranged for the adoption also introduced McCorvey to two University of Texas Law School Read More

amendments 11-27 summary

11 prohibits federal courts from hearing cases lodged against a state by a citizen of another state 12 requires that choices for president and vice president be designated as such 13 abolished slavery 14 defined citizenship 15 right to vote can’t be denied because of race 16 federal income tax 17 senators be elected directly Read More

Hiding Place- CH.1-5

What is the setting of the Hiding Place? pre WWll, in the beje in Harlem, Holland, 1940s Who is the author of the Hiding Place? Corrie Ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherill What does Opa do for a living owns a watch shop in the beje, and sells and repairs watches What is a Read More

island of the blue dolphin

I read the book The Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. The genre of my book is historical fiction. title, author, genre The setting of this book takes place on an island off the coast of California called the Island of the Blue Dolphins. It takes place between 1835 and 1853. The main Read More

American Lit 11-Joy Luck Club plot

Feathers from a thousand Li Away (part 1)-parable connections to main idea -before woman leaves China for America, buys a swan (duck that stretched its neck in hopes of becoming a goose, exceeded expectations) -mother in parable & mothers in stories want this for their daughters in America-want them to speak perfect American English and Read More

22nd Amendment

22nd Amendment Adopted in 1951, prevents a president from serving more than two terms or more than ten years Impeachment The power delegated to the house of Rep in the constitiution to charge the president, vice preident, or other with Treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemenors Executive Privilege an implied presidential power that Read More

little women chapters 9-16

relic a treasure from the past agitated upset by something indigently angrily vulgar rude or offensive perplexed confused or puzzled revel to thoroughly enjoy contrary opposite smitten afflicted with great feeling prudently with good judgement or common sense exertion putting great effort into something amicable (am-ic-ab-le) friendly impromptu not planned in advance patronizing belittling or Read More

Iron Jawed Angels Plot Summary

National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) An organization that slowly fought for suffrage state by state Alice Paul One of the chief activists in getting the 19th amendment Lucy Burns Alice Paul’s other co-suffragette Anna Howard and Carrie Chapman Catt co-leaders of NAWSA Woodrow Wilson President when the 19th amendment was passed suffrage the right Read More

Speak Summary

The opening scene of the novel sets the mood of loneliness On the first day of school, Melinda experiences trouble with her social studies teacher, rejection from her former friends, and harassment from many students Melinda’s family could be described as __________ from one another aloof In order to be accepted, Heather tries to enlist Read More

11th- 27th amendments

11th amendment no state may be sued by resident of another state government has to allow itself to be sued 12th amendment election of president and vice president -running on a ticket (two different ballots) 13th amendment slavery or involuntary servitude -outlawed slavery -slavery-forced into working w/o freedoms 14th amendment citizenship- some countries go by Read More

Bible Bee Book: Acts

Acts 1:8 What key verse to the Book of Acts provides a geographical outline for the entire book? 1. The Spread of Christianity in Jerusalem (1:1-8:3) 2. The Spread of Christianity in Judea and Samaria (8:4-9:31) 3. The Spread of Christianity to the ends of the earth (9:32-28:31) According to Acts 1:8, what is the Read More

Anthro Mid term 1

Chapter 8, Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Body Ritual among the Nacirema Summary: In Horace Miner’s Body Ritual among the Nacirema, he writes about the characterization of the North American group called the Nacirema, as described by a Professor Linton in the early 1900s. In the article the Nacirema people are depicted as a culture Read More