I don’t know why I’m writing this now, especially in the middle of the night :> What is love? There’s no such definition for love. Defining it leads to many conclusions. But for me, Love is something worth sacrificing for. I’ve experienced so many past relationships, things I’ve learned is that You can never predict Read More

Graffiti Moon

The novel Graffiti Moon by Catch Crowley not only tells the story of young people falling in love, but also tells the reader about growing up. The novel tells us how the teenagers find their calling and identities, and explains how each of the protagonists in the story have role models and mentors who help Read More


The best way to sum up Club Denial is in the first paragraph when the author says, “The ten-minute Denial show runs heavily to images of thundering avalanches, storm-flattened tents, hands deformed by horrible frostbite blisters, and grotesquely twisted bodies being pulled from the depths of enormous crevasses. Like the military VT movies, the Denial Read More

Themed hotel

Since opening Disneyland in Paris on 12th April 1992, this industry is delivering continuously in Europe. 2 Since 1995, new themed parks are opened in Spain, Germany and United Kingdom Themed Hotel concept has been revealed in 1999 with Topknot Palace Hotel which is the first example in Turkey that is copy of famous and Read More

Diagnosing the Change

Abstract The model I picked is The Six-Box Organizational Model. The Six-Box Organizational Model Leadership display each step needed to develop a successful organization, the steps are illustrated below and both the companies’ share quite a bit of similarities but they also have very key differences. For example in the model Leadership box in the Read More

Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation in the Workplace There are different types of theories that define and explain the applicability of motivation. The definition theories work around a circle, where the person is the centre of investigation for independent action, reaction and expectation. These characteristics create a specific motivation for each person depending on individual and group circumstances. By Read More

Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder analysis BY Josephs Stakeholder Analysis The purpose of stakeholder analysis is to inform the project manager and sponsor who should contribute to the project, where barriers might be, and the actions that need to be taken prior to detailed project planning. – to rectify these risks/ attitudes?? Stakeholder Their interest or requirement from the Read More