Biography of Chiara de Blasio

Taking on an unusual role for the child of a sitting mayor, Chiara de Blasio, 19, the first daughter of New York City, traveled to Maryland with her parents on Tuesday to accept an award from the Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, and published an emotionally raw essay online about her struggles with Read More

Biography of Bill Pickett

Bill Pickett was a very remarkable man. He was a great example of a quintessential American. He set the standard for early 20th century cowboys. He was an extremely hard worker and was always full of ideas. Bill Pickett was also a very unique man. He never backed down from a challenge, especially the racial Read More

Biography of Beyonce Knowles

“I wanted to sell a Million records, and I sold a million record, I wanted to go platinum I went platinum, I’ve be working nonstop since I was fifteen. I don’t even know how to chill out”. “Beyonce” (qtd. in Cartridge, 2014, p. 20). This quote by Beyonce represents her leadership and empowerment on her Read More

Biography of Attila The Hun

Attila the Hun, one of the most barbaric leaders of the Hunnic Empire, is considered one of the most ruthless leaders of all time for his role in devastating lands from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, which sent fear deep into the Roman Empire. Born in 406 AD, in what is now Hungary, Read More

Biography of Ann Oakley

Ann Oakley was born in London on January 17, 1944 in St. Marys Hospital, Paddington, Which is currently know for the births of royal babies. She was born the only child of Kay Titmuss, a social worker, and Richard Titmuss, one of the 20th century’s foremost social policy theorists and an architect of Britain’s welfare Read More

Biography o fWilliam Sydney Porter (O’Henry)

William Sydney Porter was born in 1862 on a plantation called “Worth Place near Greensboro, North Carolina. His parents were Algernon Sydney Porter and Mary Jane Virginia Swain Porter. When William was three, his mother died. He and his father then moved into Greensboro to the home of his paternal grandmother. William was an eager Read More

Biography – The Life of Frederick Douglass

In “The Narrative life of Frederick Douglass,” autobiography Douglass describes the massive effects of slavery and the evil that was spread by the white slave holders. As a child, Douglass couldn’t bear the sight of his own mother being brutalized for long periods of time by slave owners. Slave owners Mr. Plummer and Mr. Severe Read More

Biography – The Career of Jimi Hendrix

Widely remembered as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, Jimi Hendrix explored the explosive possibilities of the electric guitar. Jimi inspired others with his flashy clothes and his intense stage presence. At Woodstock, Hendrix played “The Star Spangled Banner and astonished all who were there. Hendrix and his music have continued Read More

Biography – Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka was born in 1883 in Prague (at that time, part of Austria), to Hermann Kafka and Julie Kafka. Kafka had a really rough life growing up, always being rejected by his father and feeling like an outsider. Unlike is parents who strongly believed in their religion, Kafka was and “assimilated non-believer. ” Kafka Read More

Benjamin Franklin and the Enlightenment

In the American colonies during the eighteenth century, colonists were now beginning to think different and were influenced by the ideas of prominent thinkers of this time period. The day in age was known as ‘’The Enlightenment’’ or the Age of Reason. One of the most influential if not the most influential person of this Read More

Autobiography of Malcom X

Malcolm Little was born in the town of Omaha, Nebraska, to Earl and Louise Little. Malcolm was brought into a world of hatred toward African Americans, which is how he would live the rest of his life. His father Earl, and black Baptist preacher from Georgia was a worker for the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Read More

Autobiographies of Harriet Jacobs and Zora Neal Hurston

Due to the absences of racial dialogue in America and it’s obsession with restricting the population into neat, contrasting racial boxes, many African American women authors have written memoirs to disassemble these ideals. Shadowed by stereotypes that typecast an entire population as promiscuous, ill-kept, verbally loud, greedy and self-serving individuals, autobiographical writing provides personal as Read More

Augustus Caesar – The First Man of Rome

Augustus Caesar the first Emperor of the roman world brought on and kept the Pax Romana, the long period of stability and peace that helped flourish the arts and agriculture. Augustus used his titles, honours such as his building and military programs, images, literature and propaganda to manipulate his image in the eyes of the Read More

Attacks of the Zodiac Killer

Death is a natural process of life, or at least it should be. Every living thing dies at some point, whether it’s death is natural or not. What determines when something, or someone dies? Is it age, or exhaustion? Does environment play a factor? Is it biological determinants, or could it be at the hands Read More

Archimedes – Father of Calculus

Archimedes was born in Syracuse in 287 BC and died in 212 BC during the Roman occupation. He was the son of an Astronomer named Phidias sparingly and maintained friendly relations with the tyrant Hieron of Syracuse the second. The majority of his life was to move in Syracuse, Sicily. At a young age he Read More

Antonio Meucci – The Real Inventor of the Telephone

The first telephone was invented by the Italian inventor, Antonio Meucci in 1862, not Alexander Graham Bell, who filed his patent 14 years later in 1876. The most important contribution in attempting to prove Meucci’s priority was from the Italian American historian Giovanni Schiavo who amply demonstrated that the decision in the trial between Meucci Read More

Antonin Dvorak – Music Composer

Antonin Dvorak is considered one of the greatest musical composers to have ever lived. Over his time composing, he wrote symphonies, operas, choral works, almost every kind of piece. In total, he composed more than two hundred pieces in his lifetime. Dvorak was born in rural Bohemia in 1841. His father was a butcher and Read More

Andy Warhol – Founder of Pop Art

Andy Warhol was the god father of pop art. His advertisements were the beginning of an era where art would be viewed in a different perspective than the same traditional paintings and sculptures. His unique love for bright colors and bold patterns paved the way for his successful career in the art industry. Andy Warhol Read More

Andrew Carnegie – Great Philanthropist

Along the journey of life, men and women of great wealth, that can’t be possibly spent in a lifetime, consistently encounter the issue of greed. Throughout history, many wealthy men and women kept most of their monies to themselves and not gave it away for the greater good. However, one of the greatest philanthropists in Read More

Analysis Paper – Pericles

Throughout the last few weeks, we have talked about many different events and how they influenced ancient Greece. War, conquest, philosophy, democracy, and literature are some of the few aspects of Greek culture that we have discussed; Pericles played a big role as an Athenian general during what is now called the “Golden Age” of Read More

Analysis of Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

In the Jon Krakauer’s book, “Into the Wild,” Chris McCandles, is seen differently by different people. Some people consider him a brave young man, who ventured into a journey to unknown places all alone. However, other people consider him a fool who ventured into the unknown and ended up dying. Some of the people argue Read More

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Morrie Schwartz

Morrie Schwartz, who suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, had three major personality qualities, and they are: reaching through to the human essence of every individual he befriended, not following the popular cultural norms of his disease, and loving endlessly without being ashamed of his condition. When Morrie Schwartz was interviewed during the Nightline show with Read More

Amelia Earhart and Her Love of Flying

Amelia Earhart was one of the first women to become a pilot. Amelia held many records for flying. She broke altitude records, set speed records, and flew over the Atlantic Ocean. She was courageous, and wouldn’t give flying for anything. Amelia began to push the boundaries for women’s rights which lead to having a major Read More