Good, bad and ugly-original writing peice

He was dying; he could tell that much in the pain clouded recesses of his mind. The bullet had hit it’s mark embedded deep into the flesh of his chest. A wound like that would need immediate medical attention and the nearest town was a good half day’s ride on horse back from this damnable Read More

Effect Of Silkworm Litter Biology Essay

An experiment was conducted to analyze the influence of composted silkworm litter – pupal waste ( SLPW ) and other organic manures on growing parametric quantities and leaf output of mulberry. The compost made of SLPW ( Silkworm litter – pupal waste ) was rich in alimentary content than the farm pace manure and vermicompost Read More

The Use Of A Spectrophotometer Biology Essay

Spectrophotometry is the quantifiable survey of interaction of electromagnetic radiations with the affair. Electromagnetic radiations do non necessitate any medium for its transmittal. It consists of two constituents, electric and magnetic field. Spectrophotometry involves the usage of a spectrophotometer. A spectrophotometer is a photometer ( a device for mensurating light strength ) that can mensurate Read More

The Coevolution Of Human Immunity And Helminthic Parasite Biology Essay

The human immune system evolved in the presence of infestation by extracellular parasitic worms known as parasitic worms. Through coevolutionary check-and-balance mechanisms, the immune system has adapted to modulate worm burden in inveterate infested persons. This relationship has been advantageous to both host and pathogen. Such mutualism is maintained by the activation of an immune Read More