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Case Study Summary Of Siemens

Of successful implementation were attractive, the company faced several challenges, including restructuring the organization, getting staff on board to accept and facilitate the change, and handling resistance from internal and external stakeholders. This case provides an opportunity to analyze and discuss lean implementation issues for a global multinational firm in the Indian context.

Has Siemens’ Koala plant been effective in achieving lean implementation? 1966 was the year Siemens Koala plant started its operations. Located in Iambi, this plant had started with the production of motors. As they grew then later adding the production of switchgear and medium voltage switchboard. With 400 workers in the plant, the production of the plant was to cater domestic, Asian and Middle East market. During 2005, the plant had produced approximately 4,000 panels (medium voltage switchboard) per year, But in 2006, customers’ orders had increased more than 75% at were expected to reach 7200 panels.

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