Susann experiences stroke like symptoms and stumbles to the bathroom. She tells us that her universe had been flipped upside down that doctors don’t know how it started leaving the reader wondering what happened. Chapter 2 Susann wakes up a few days later in her boyfriend, Stephens, bed.

She talks about how she had gone to introduce her dad and stepson to Stephen the night before and gives us information about the awkward relationship benzene her dad and herself. We learn Sunhat’s parents divorced when she was 16 and her she has a much closer relationship to her mom. We also learn the history between Stephen and Susann and about their 4-month relationship. Susann has an urge to read Stephens e-mails, which is uncharacteristic for her.

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She fights with herself but ends up reading the emails, one of which is from Stephens ex-girlfriend and makes Susann angry even though she knows that it shouldn’t. She also goes through Stephens draws and tints pictures and letters between the two from the past, She feels awful for invading his privacy, She begins to feel sick again and experiences pins and needles in her left hand before Brain on Fire Quick Summary By Hannah_love .