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Article Review Summary

Housekeepers noncombatant,OR Snarls sac B October! Organza Ions an IIRC Russian_ e rondo me ala us or EAI u earner to schedule learning sessions and control the pace of learning. Organizational benefits include the reduced need for classroom space and electronic media allows students to study independently. Electronic media cannot replace face to face interaction necessary for skill development and demonstration.

The use of electronic media combined with direct instruction is referred to as blended learning. The data collected from the pilot study suggested there was little difference in effectiveness or perceived effectiveness between instructor-led classes versus blended classes. This pilot study was conducted at a medium. Sized urban medical center by members of the Clinical Education Services team. The team taught an instructor. Led course regularly on electrocardiogram (EGG) Basic Rhythm Recognition to registered nurses and cardiac monitoring technicians. The class was held 8 hours a day on three consecutive days two mimes per year.

A new course was designed using electronic blended learning with identical learning outcomes. Much tooth didactic portion tooth class was done electronically with self-paced modules addressing all areas Of SEC recognition. These modules were purchased trot an established developer and distributor of cardiac clinical education materials. The instructor led component of the class comprised of three 2 hour sessions. Theoretical concepts that were Article Review Summary By Dimwit .

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