David Barton and Mary Hamilton, literacy is a social practice. TO explain this, Barton and Hamilton point out literacy is how people discuss and interpret written text. Literacy practices are described to us by Barton and Hamilton as ‘in the simplest sense literacy practices are What people do with literacy” (8).

Literacy practices eventually lead to literacy events which are defined as “observable episodes which arise from practices and are noblewomen’;1 each escapes_JH concatenate; each, complement; viva. Team viewer. Com noon’ate, accountable cable nonpaying Tanoak Housekeepers noncombatant,OR Snarls sac B checkout! K write emoluments o see, mum ;p CE o;CE, I In e an ma c Ins,an rue or a SE furor just fine for me.

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But even my history professor told us to buy a bluebook, I had no idea what to expect. When went hunting for this said bluebook, most people didn’t even know what it was! I went to Walter, office supply stores, book stores, and no one knew What was talking about. Finally, found one in the campus store and when I opened it, blank pages stared back at me. Even though we went over What baas to be expected on the test in class, was still concerned. How am I supposed to succeed at something so foreign to me?

Well, spent a lot of my time just studying the best could. And then had an idea. Took my extra bluebook (which I’d bought for my second exam in the course) and took a list of topics and began writing. The best way to see how to fill these pages with information is to do so without material in front of me as if ere taking the exam in my own home. Secondly, I went through my notes and asked myself the series of who, what, where, when and why for each event.

After discovering some new study tactics, realized that not much had actually changed. The only difference this dreaded bluebook test and a high school test is that have to communicate to my protestors that know the material without a written medium such as a structured question. Instead, simply had to write down everything I know about the topic and hopefully point Argument Summary By 110829280 .