Thermostatic was the compass primary product in the integral power shower category. The product portfolio spanned all the three pricing segments for the shower buyers: premium, standard and value.

Squalid old Shower brand specifically to the developers market optimized for their specific needs. Channels of Distribution: Showers in LIKE market were sold through a variety of channels such as trade shops, showrooms, distributors and DID (Do It Yourself) outlets. Primary customer of trade shops was the plumbers and Squalid brand had presence in 40% of trade shops. Showrooms catered to the high end customers who wanted customized solutions for their bathroom design with high end products lines and Squalid brand had presence in 25% of the showrooms.

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DID retail outlets had discounted offerings and sold cheaper electric showers which were easy to install. Johannesburg brand of Squalid was available in 70% of this channel, Difficulties for marketing the new product Quartz: Reluctance of plumbers to switch installation from the existing products to a new Squalid Quartz case summary By facilitative . Incoherency each Habit e company s core pro us In earners rower.