On larning that his homosexual lover “Prior Walter” was infected with AIDS. Louis Ironson being unable to get by quits the relationship. Joe is offered a good publicity by fellow homosexual and attorney “Roy Cohn” . unknowing to Joe. Roy has AIDS. which he contacted from Prior.

Angels and shades visited Prior and told him he was a prophesier. Joe struggles to accommodate his faith with his gender ; Louis blames himself for go forthing Prior and begins a relationship with Joe. Harper who was mentally derailed due to her dependence to taking pills on a regular basis and had her jobs worsened as she realizes that her hubby ‘Joe’ is cheery.

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She is really sensitive and weak. but loves her hubby and wants to maintain her place. Joe’s female parent. Hannah moves to New York to try to take attention of Harper and meets Prior. Harper separates from Joe and Roy is hospitalized. Tony Kushner shows some heavy Biblical mentions and mentions to American society. every bit good as some fantastical scenes including ocean trips to Antarctica and Heaven. every bit good as cardinal events go oning in San Francisco and at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

I think Kushner wants to demo how unhappy people could be and hold tonss of secret and can’t trust themselves in the modern life.